Monday, October 27, 2014

The Last of Me and going back to an old friend

So of my PS3 games, I've been playing The Last of Us.  Well, actually I've been trying to play that game.  I've got it on easy, but I keep dying. 

Every time I get in an area that explains a new thing to me, like clickers, or crafting Molotov's, I get stuck because I keep dying.  My first time running through those sections are usually my best.  Each time after that I get worse and worse. 

I even had to call my brother for advise because after dying 7 or 8 times I was ready to throw the game in the pool.  He explained to me what to do but I just couldn't see it in my head how I was suppose to make it work.  I got on Twitch and watch someone struggle in the same area.  He was using my brother's strategy of trying to confront the runners one at a time.  He died several times but eventually made it through.  When I went back to the game and tried it I was able to make it through on the first attempt.  But I think I got lucky.

Now, I'm stuck again.  This time I have at least 3 clickers and about 6-8 runners in one area and I can't seem to make it through.  It's right after you learn how to make Molotov cocktails.  On my first attempt I threw the Molotov too soon but was able to get several of the infected to run in to the flames before they went out.  But then I died.  After several attempts I can no longer get out of the starting area before dying.  What is wrong with me?

I was getting so frustrated that I stopped playing the game.  I thought about playing Uncharted but I was afraid that I would end up with the same problem.  I was beginning to think that buying a PS3 was a mistake.  I needed to do something before I totally regretted my decision and returned the system and games.

I went back to Game Stop and bough another game.  An old friend.  One I've played and finished.  One of the few games I've finished.  I have spent several hundreds of hours playing, and loving, this game, and it's sequel.  I bought Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD remastered.

I've finished FFX and I started playing it again before I got robbed.  Just recently I started it again on my PS2 because I was looking for something to get me back in the mood for gaming.  I had played FFX-2 for quite awhile before the break in, and only recently restarted that one making sure I played everything just right in order to get 100% completion in the game.  I'm currently stuck in that game in one area but the game lets you move to other places when you want.

I consider FFX a old friend.  I could spend all day playing that game and it would only feel like a few minutes because the time spent is so enjoyable.  And that's not counting playing Blitzball.  I could play that all day and do nothing in the story and have an even better time.  I don't know why. 

The pace of the game is just right.  The characters endearing.  The action exciting and manageable.  The combat controllable.  The story touching and very emotional at times.  I just watched one of the most beautiful cut scenes in the game last night.  It's beautiful to look at but gut wrenching when you think about what is happening and why.  And even more so if you've finished the game and you know how everything turns out.  It's just one of those games that I think hits all the right notes.  I like this Final Fantasy game better than FFVII and I think FFIX is a close 2nd.

I see 2 problems with the HD remastered edition.  1) I don't have an HD TV.  I still have an old, fat CRT TV and while I can see a slight improvement in the graphics I'm sure I could see more if I had a newer HD flat screen TV.  The font size is smaller, but still readable for the most part.  2) It seems to take a little longer to load things including the end of battle screens.  There's slight pause/delay before everything loads up.  I think it's because it's taking more time to load those new fangled graphics that I can't see on my old TV.  It doesn't effect the overall game play except that it make everything seem to take longer.

After playing the game for a couple of nights, my old friend has restored my faith in my PS3.  I won't be chucking it, or The Last of Us, into my pool.  I will probably play FFX some more before I take another swipe at The Last of Us.  But I think I'll need to watch some more Twitch before I do.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Where I welcome a new gaming system to my household . . .

I've been wanting to get a new gaming system for a long time.  I ended up with a little bit of money this month and I decided to take the plunge and get a new system. 

What system did I get?  Was it an Xbox One?  Maybe a PS4?  Or could it be a Wii U?  There's also a PS Vita to consider.  As well as a PS3.  And I desperately need a new computer.  Plus I'd love to get a new laptop.  There's also the possibility of a 3DS.  Which could it be?

I decided to get a PS3.  Yes, my "new" console is considered a "last generation" system.  I don't care.  My finances have been really tight for the last 6 years or so and I've always wanted a PS3.  My favorite console until recently was always the PS2.  Mostly because of the great games and that it was also backward compatible so I could still play my PS games without having to swap out systems.

I got the 500GB The Last of Us bundle.  It was last year's holiday bundle and I was afraid that they would come out with a different one that I wouldn't like.  I also got lucky finding it at my local Game Stop. 

And you know what the best part of all of this is?  I got to keep my same gamertag.  Yep.  I'm Pengwenn on Xbox Live and now I'm Pengwenn on PSN.  When my brother bought his PS3 (in July) he set up his account with a different name.  That's going to be hard to remember which one he is on the different systems.  If you have a PS3 and want to add me as a friend, send me a message and let me know who you are (if you have a different gamertag from how I know you on Xbox.

I got 3 games for the system.  In addition to The Last of Us, I also got a 2 game bundle of Uncharted and Uncharted 2.  I didn't have any money to get anything else.  I will try to get more games.  I figure they're cheap now so many I could pick up one every couple of weeks on payday.  I'm sure I can find some really good bargains now. 

Eventually I'll move up to the "current gen" systems and get an Xbox One and PS4 and a Wii U.  Right now I don't have the money.  There are some games that I know are out on Xbox 360 or PS3 but I want to have them for the current systems.  Games like Destiny, Shadows of Mordor, etc.  Hopefully I won't have to wait as long to get those systems and games that I did for my PS3.

I've only played The Last of Us and I've already gotten stuck twice.  The first time I called my brother and he told me what to do.  I understood what he was saying but I needed to see visuals so I got on Twitch and found someone in my exact spot.  I watched him die 5 or 6 times just while I was watching before he got through the area.  He did it just like what my brother said.  When I got back on to the game I was able to get through that area on my first attempt and it was pretty easy.

Now I'm stuck again.  I have to figure out how to get past/through 3 clickers and about a dozen runners.  Yeah me.  I guess it's back to Twitch for some help.  If anyone has this game and wants to play some co-op or multi-player (whichever it offers) let me know.  It will be nice to make some new friends and to actually play with them.