Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Game Console?

I have a bunch of money saved up and if it doesn't take all of it to fix my garage door, I think I'll buy a new gaming console.  Which one should I get?

Playstation 4 Pro
Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo Switch
Wii U

I've wanted a PS4 for awhile now and that desire has only increased watching videos of Horizon Zero Dawn.  I want to play that game so bad.

On the other hand there are a LOT of games I'd like to get for the 3DS.  And I could get those games cheaper since they've been out for a while.  That makes getting one a little more attractive if it will save me money in the long run.

On the other hand the Switch might just scratch that itch for another handheld, portable game system.  There are only a couple of games I would get so far for the Switch but I'm sure there are more coming.

On the other hand I could get a Wii U.  Why a Wii U?  Pikmin 3.  Enough said.  I love the Pikmin games and I could play them for hours fine tuning my harvesting skills to shave just a few seconds here and there off of collecting things.  There are just so many subtle ways you can improve on your game play.  I don't know of many other games out for the Wii U that I absolutely have to have and I don't know if one game (even if it's Pikmin) is enough to buy a system just for that game.

On the other hand I could just add the money to my new computer fund.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a new very good supped gaming PC within the next 6-9 months.  Other expenses come first but I'm saving and hoping for that day.

With all these arms I feel like Parvati.  I wish I was just as powerful a godess as she is.  Unfortunately, I'm not.  I'm mortal and have to make these all important life and death (of gaming) decisions.  So what do you think I should get?  It might not happen as it all depends on how much it will cost to fix my garage door so it will open again.  But if there's money left over . . .

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Working Girl's Review - Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

I finished another game!  I love saying that.  This feeling is even more wonderful for this game.  Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits was a game that I got all the way to the final boss and fought . . . and lost . . . about 5 or 6 times or more before I put the game away out of frustration.  Then my stuff got stolen.  This was a game that I really wanted to see how it would end but I wasn't sure I wanted to go through and play it all over again.  But I did.  And now it's done.  Here's my review of the game.  Slight spoilers ahead.

System: Playstation 2

Developer: Cattle Call

This is the story of twin brothers who were separated as babies and grew up living two very different lives.  One was raised as human with a hatred of Deimos.  The other raised as a Deimos "wannabe" raised to hate humans.  Both humans and Deimos use Spirits stones in their society and want to control all the Spirits stones so the other doesn't get them.  Both species want to wipe out the other and Emperor Darkham wants to take advantage of those dark feelings and rule the world himself.  Unfortunately, there is a higher power pulling the strings behind the scenes called the Divine Ruler (who later turns into the Lord of the Black Abyss).  Can the Deimos and humans put their differences aside and join forces to defeat evil and save the world for both species?  You'll have to play the game to find out.

Story Score:

There are 2 main characters and parties that you control and play.  The story moves back and forth between the brothers and their stories.  The supporting characters for both policies are pretty similar so both parties play pretty much the same.  The hatred for Deimos from the humans; and humans from the Deimos is built up for believable.  The reasons why Darc (Deimos brother) hates the humans and wants to rule the Deimos over the humans and why Kharg (human brother) wants to protect the humans from the Deimos are understandable from the things they've gone through in their lives.  When the brothers finally get together and meet each other you're hoping for the best but things don't turn out that way for a while.

Each character has a personality with likes and hatreds all around.  The parties are so similar that it would have been nice to have a little bit more differences between the human/Deimos counterparts.  when you get to the final boss the best characters to take in to the battle are not the ones you'd think of at first.  When your parties combine which characters you take in to battle make for some interesting exchanges in dialogue.

Character Score:

Game Mechanics:
The battle is a turned based but allows for movement so characters can get behind enemies to do more damage.  That means you need to think about where/how you're going to attack but also where/how the enemies are going to attack as well.  It is sort of open world with the player deciding where they want to go next.  There are extra areas that are not required by the story but can be accessed for experience and loot.

There are four functionalities that I would have liked to have had.  1) I would have liked the ability to save when I'm on the world map.  You can only save at designated save points so if you venture too far away from one (or you're hurting and in need of help badly) you've got to figure out what spot on the map has a save point and then work your way back there.  You can always escape a battle and not fight if you don't want to but it's annoying to backtrack a way to save before you get to a new area.

2) the camera is fixed in battles.  There were so many times that I wanted to swing the camera around to get a better look at the battlefield.  Maybe it was to make sure I'm directly behind the enemies (some enemies are hard to tell) or maybe it was to see my character better because they were behind a bunch of other characters or obstacles.  Since you can't do that, lining up the perfect shot was difficult at times.

3) There are too many skills to learn.  I did a bunch of grinding in this game and yet I still didn't learn all the skills that my characters could.  I even had a character or two that didn't learn all the star levels either.  I tried to use those characters as much as I could, especially towards the end, but they never did earn much experience or skill points compared to the other characters.  When I finally decided which ones I was going to take in to battle I was worried that they weren't a high enough level to really be that usefully.  While I'm all for games giving you lot of skills/things for your characters to learn I think they should all be attainable by the time you reach the final boss and without having to grind to learn them. 

4) comparative inventory management.  I would have liked a better way to compare new equipment with what I currently had.  The best way I could find was to take an item off and highlight the new item to see how much it increased/decreased stats and then do the same with the item I had one.  I know there was a replace option but the info it gave me wasn't enough for me to feel like I was making an informed decision.

Game Mechanics Score:

Art Design:
The art design seems very simple by today's standards.  This is a Playstation 2 game and the system wasn't as powerful as gaming systems are now.  I do think it holds up very well and is not jarring to the eyes to look at it.  Just very simple and clean looking with very little embellishments to the scenery.  The colors were vibrant or muted, depending on the environment and didn't fall in to the cliché of matching the elemental attacks that each character could have (i.e. water attack = blue clothing, etc.).  I think it looked good and didn't interfere in the game play even if not inspiring.

Art Design Score:

Overall Impressions:
I'm so glad I went back and replayed this game so I could finish it.  The story has a nice message and the game play was fresh and allowed for experimentation so you could play any way you wanted to.  It's a game that holds up in all categories and I think should be played by everyone that wants a good experience.  It's not ground breaking or phenomenal in the game industries but very much worth a play.

Overall Impressions Score:

If you want to see how badly I played the game here's a link to my YouTube playlist for Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

I've lost my way

I've had a really hard time recording games lately.  And it hasn't been fun.  There's one game where I can't get past a boss even though I've filmed 3 sessions attempting to do so. 

There's another game where I exhausted all my lives before even finishing the first level.  After restarting and refilming getting through a couple of levels I exited the game thinking it would save at the end of the level.  Turns out it doesn't.  If you want to save you have to pay gold to do so.  So when I came back to play and film more I found out I didn't have ANY save file.  So I restarted . . . again . . . and filmed the first couple of levels again and got to the point where I could save, but I really couldn't.  It costs 100 gold to save and I had 98 coins and no way to get more.  I wasn't in the mood to play any more, and it was very late, so I just shut the game down and deleted the film.  That was no longer a game I wanted to play.

I tried another game but after 30 minutes of tram and elevator rides with nothing happening I was bored.  And if I'm bored anyone watching would be bored too.  Not good either.

I was so upset after messing around with these games for a couple of weeks I found myself with absolutely no desire to play video games.  At this point I had burned through my backlog of videos and had nothing left to post.  I felt like I had lost my way and I needed something to get me wanting to play again.  I needed something I would love to play and it would put in a good mood. 

I knew the perfect game.

There is one game that I love and always put me in a good mood.  I've wanted to play and finish this game for so long but I've had other games in the works.  The game is Final Fantasy IX.  I love that game.  Whenever I feel stressed out I like to watch Twitch streams of this game and it always make me feel better.  I was less than 10 hours away from finishing this game before my stuff was stolen and I would love to see it through to the end.  Maybe now was the best to restart the game.  So I did.

It did not go well.

At the first moment you get control of the character and start the kidnapping of the Princess (about 5 minutes in) my screen froze.  No big deal.  I'll just restart.  I did.  It froze again and then changed to a screen full of pixilated colors in a funky grid.  Okay, maybe my disk is dirty.  So I took it out and cleaned it off . . . and tried again.  Third times the charm, right?


The same thing happened.  My game disk was fucked up and there was no way to get around that.  I talked to my brother to ask him if we knew where his FFIX game was so I could borrow it.  He wasn't sure and I wouldn't be able to borrow it (if he found it) for a couple of days.  Damn.

So now I'm out of videos to post and have no desire to play a video game ever again.  Now you might think I'm over reacting but there's a lot of other life stuff that was contributing to this feeling.  So what was I going to do?

After a good night's sleep I remembered that I started my YouTube channel to help me finish the games I want to play.  It's not about playing games that are current or topical or trendy or whatever.  I post games on my channel to make a commitment that I'm going to see that game through to the end.  Games that I want to play.  Games that I want to finish.  So I've decided to take a break.

I might not be posting regularly for the next while.  How long?  I don't know.  I need to find my gaming mojo again and I don't know how long that will take.  What does that mean for the games I currently have in progress?  I'll still post videos when I can but I'm having issues with those games too.

For Dark Cloud I'm still bummed about my supped up sword breaking.  I've got a replacement and I'm currently grinding to get it back up to an acceptable level.  Once I'm happy with what I have I'll get back to actually playing the story and filming more videos.  As for Summoner, I got really frustrated with getting lost in that game and hated having to keep referring to my strategy guide to find out what I needed to do and where I needed to go.  I know that's what a strategy guide is for but I really prefer discovering things on my own and only using it in an emergency.  I hope the whole game isn't an "emergency" for me.

I might make some "What I'm playing" videos so you can see that I'm actually playing.  I can tell you that I've played a little bit already in Fallout Shelter, Gems of War and Slime Rancher.  I might branch out and play some other games, but for right now those games or all I can muster at the moment.

If you lose the urge to play games what video game gets you back in the mood?  Any suggestions for me?  I might be fumbling around while I've lost my way but I'll find my way back and really start playing games again.  I always do.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Working Girl's Game Review - Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4

It's been awhile since I finished this game but I've been so busy I haven't had time to write my final review of the game.  Well, here it is.

System: Xbox 360

Developer:  Traveller's Tales

The story is based on the movies which were based on the books and remain relatively faithful to both.  There are some creative ways in which the story is unfolded so that you are playing the main character instead of just watching what is happening around you.  It starts with the brief beginning of how Harry was placed on the doorstep of his Aunt and Uncle and grew up being tormented by his cousin Dudley.  But the real story of Harry starts when he gets to Hogwarts and learns to be a wizard.

As you play the story based missions you have interludes that take place in Hogwarts where you go to class to learn spells and can discover things around the grounds.  Not all areas are open for you at the beginning so you'll need to learn spells to unlock new areas.

While walking around Hogwarts can be fascinating and fun, it can also be very confusing and easy to get lost if you are trying to go to a specific place in Hogwarts.  While you are still playing the story missions Nearly Headless Nick will leave a trail of ghost studs of where you need to go next.  Once you complete the story missions those ghost studs go away and you are left to fend for yourself.  I had to go online to find a map of Hogwarts otherwise I never would have found my way around.

You had 6 levels based on each of the first four movies/novels called chapters.  I wish I could the story a full 5 penguins but some levels were long and tedious, while others seemed rush and short.  Inconsistencies in the flow of the story have me taking one penguin away.

Story Score:

There are already built in characters to the story that are absolutely wonderful.  Bringing those characters to life in Lego form was interesting at times.  There are character tokens you find while playing the game and once found you can go purchase them so they can be used in the levels.  Some characters, Hufflepuff for instance, will only be able to access areas for their specific house.  In addition to the main set of characters in the books (i.e. Snape, Dumbledore, Tom Riddle, Draco, etc.) there are a lot of other characters who's real value to the game is only in finding their token and buying their character.  There is no reason to have them other than to pad the character token collectibles.  And boy are there a lot of them.

Some of the really interesting characters I wasn't able to unlock until later in my play through of the game.  I wish I had had those characters unlocked earlier because they were fun to play with.  Unfortunately that isn't the case for a lot of the high profile characters.

Because of how the character tokens are spaced out and who you might need for each level you will probably end up playing each level several times as you unlock a new type of character which will unlock a new thing in a previous level.  If you want to wait and get any many characters unlocked as possible before playing the Free Play modes it turns out to be a lot of grinding (and getting lost) in Hogwarts.  And even then you won't be able to unlock everything because some characters you find in Hogwarts are needed for the levels, but some characters you find and unlock in the levels are needed for Hogwarts.

The downside to the characters besides way too many to find and unlock is that they didn't offer up a whole lot of variety in what they could do.  The evil witches and wizards have the Avada Kedavra spell but that's about it.  Depending on which version of Harry, Ron or Hermione you pick you might not get one that has learned all the spells yet.  Trying to defeat a Boggart?  Make sure the character you picked has learned Riddikulus.  The easiest way to fix that is to always pick a character from later in the game.  This usually means you play with the same 4-5 characters for all the levels.  Not much variety there.

Character Score:

Game Mechanics:
There is one game mechanic that I absolutely hated.  And another one that was annoying a lot of the time.

The one that was annoying was the camera.  You couldn't always move it around to get a better view of what you were doing.  There are 4 banners in the front hall that you have to zap and they unfurl.  When they do you will get a gold brick.  You need all gold bricks to get 100% in the game.  I had all the gold bricks except this one . . . but do to camera angles and such I couldn't get Slytherian and Gryffindor's banner to unfurl.  I watch who know how many videos on how other people did it (who didn't seem to have a problem when I did) and still it took about 30 minutes of trying on 3 or 4 nights before I finally got both of them to unfurl.  To this day I still don't know how I did it when it failed all the other times.

That was the worst offender for the camera but it was so annoying in so many other instances.  It was almost enough to make me pull my hair out and quit playing the game forever.  I didn't, thankfully, but I'm really hoping it's not too much of a problem in the next Lego Harry Potter game (or any other Lego game).  

The one game mechanic I absolutely hated is partially my fault.  But only because the game didn't probably explain things to me. 

In the previous Lego games I've played you collect red bricks that you can then purchase which gives you modifiers that can make your game easier . . . or just plain silly.  Do you want your Stormtroopers to carry carrots instead of blasters?  There's a red brick for that.  Usually you find those in the levels that you play . . . not in the hub world.  For Lego Harry Potter things were different and the game never explained that to me.

All the red bricks . . . and I mean ALL . . . can be find in Hogwarts.  Now I mentioned earlier that you walk around Hogwarts in between story missions.  That's great and all but it doesn't explain that you have to come back and walk around and do everything again to find the red bricks to get the score multipliers, the extra hearts, the invincibility, etc bonuses that make playing the game so much easier.  I didn't realize this until I was through playing the Free Play modes for the first 2 and half movies.  Because I didn't have things like "Character Token locator" or "gold brick locator" there were a bunch of things I missed while playing through the levels for the second time.  Which meant I was going to have to play them a third time.  

Once I figured out I had to go back to Hogarts to find the red bricks and then buy them I had to spend a lot of time grinding in Hogwarts before going back to the levels.  Once I did go back to the levels things were so much easier when I had all my helps turned on.  I wish the game had told me that.

Another thing that was annoying, but avoidable, was that all the extra spells that you can buy, but don't really need, are put in to one slot on your spell wheel.  If you wanted to use a specific one, like Glacius to freeze people, you'd have to wait until it's icon popped up in the slot and hope you cast the spell before it changed to the next one.  Now, you don't have to use any of these spells as you play the game, but they are hilarious to see what happens when you do.  But . . . if you want to get all the achievements you have to use the Glacius spell to freeze a bunch of people.  Now you could have just bought that spell so it's the only one in the slot but it's a lot of gold and there's cheaper spells to buy and equip.  So if you have multiple spells it's just a matter of watching the spell slot and hoping you time it right.  Annoying.

Game Mechanics score:

Art Design:
There wasn't really anything too special about the art design of the game.  It was whymsy and magically and it fit the game.  How they transformed things into the Lego shape and design was interesting but not as rigid as other Lego games.  It fit the mode and humor of the game and was enjoyable to look at.

Art Design score:

Overall Impressions:
Other than the items mentioned in the Game Mechanics section the only other real problem I had was with a specific level.  The Tome Riddles Diary level where you go back in time and play with Tom as one of your characters and the level is done in a sepia tone theme it glitched out on me 3 times . . . in 3 different places.  It was really frustrating the first time.  I held my breathe the second time as I made my way through the part where it glitched only to have the game glitch again a little further on.  And the same thing again a little further past that.  I was afraid that I might have a game breaking glitch and would never be able to get past that point in the game.  It took several attempts but I did.  After that, whenever the screen would freeze for a bit I was worried that the same thing would happen all over again.

It was fun to play the game and made me immediately want to start playing Lego Harry Potter years 5-7 but I've decided to take a break for awhile.  The humor in the Lego games is spot on for the characters and sometimes that is enough to make up for the annoying things that happen along the way.  The game isn't ground breaking or revolutionary but if you are a fan of the Harry Potter series (movies or books . . . or both) it should be something you sit down to enjoy.  If you're like me and do stupid mistakes it should provide you with around 60 hours of enjoyable game play.  If you're better than me at video games (and everybody is) you could probably complete it in 30-40 hours.  If you do play it I would take your time and enjoy the experience.  It's worth it.

Overall Impression score:

If you want to watch how I played the game (very badly), here's a link to my YouTube playlist for the game.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Steam Sale noobie

Okay, the Steam Summer Sale has ended and my bank account is heaving a sigh of relief. 

I figured it out the other night and prior to getting my laptop a couple of years ago it's been about 9-10 years prior to that since I've had a computer beefy enough to play games on.  Once I got my lap top I wanted to start getting back in to gaming.  Unfortunately my laptop doesn't have an optical drive so all those computer disks of the games that I own I didn't have a way to install them.  I could have gone out and bought an external CD drive but there have been other things I've had to spend money on.

This year I couldn't wait any longer and I started buying Steam games when I found something that I liked.  I had 7 before the sale started.  Games like The Witcher (the original), 7 Days to Die, Dead by Daylight, More or Die, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, You Must Build a Boat and just prior to the sale Playerunknown's Battleground.  Now I have a total of 67 games.  I think I went a little overboard.

But the good news is that I really didn't spend all that much money (I love sales).  What's even better news is that I got some of my old games that I have on CD so now I don't have to worry about trying to find a way to install them.  Games like all the Thief games, the Half-Life games (please make Half-Life 3), and a metric butt-ton of Star Wars games among many, many others.  I've even gone back and got original games that started series like Fallout.  I always like to play series from the beginning so I can see how the game progressed through the years.

I don't know when I'm going to find the time to play all these new games (although I've have started playing Portal [love that game]).  And I don't have the hard drive space to install them all on my laptop.  My next goal to complete before my birthday next year is to build a really good gaming PC.  Then I'll probably just plant myself in front of it and play until my brain melts.  I can't think of a better way to spend my time.

Did you pick up anything in the Steam Summer Sale?  I'm curious as what games people got.  I know there were a bunch more that I wanted to get but my budget decided it wasn't a wise move.  And I was only looking in the "under $5" list.  Maybe next time I'll check out the "under $10" list as well.  I better start saving up now.

Begging for money in YouTube comments

I received a couple of messages on my YouTube channel that were saved for moderation in my spam folder.  And they were spam.  It was so obvious it should have been embarrassing.

The first message was on a recent video with the person saying they liked my channel and that they were collecting money to help the poor in some African country.  They said that donating just $1 would go a long way to help.  They even provided a helpful link where I could go donate.  It was a nice gesture to help less fortunate so I left that message in my spam file before approving because I don't want to censor people.  But I also don't want people dumping shit in my channel because I let them.  I decided to look at the next comment and come back to the first one later.

The second comment was from the same person on the very next video on my channel.  Once again they said they liked my channel and that they were starting their own YouTube channel and it would be very helpful if I donated just $1 to help another YouTuber out.  Strangely enough they provide the same link as the previous comment.  It was pointing to a patreon account.  The same one that was asking for money to help the poor in Africa.  Hmm.

Needless to say I deleted both comments and muted that person so they couldn't leave any more comments.  I don't think of this as censorship but more that I have the right to determine what kind of comments are on my own channel.  You can bitch and moan about me; how I play, how I sound, whatever, I don't care.  You can even complain about the games I play.  But my channel is not for you to solicit money from myself or anyone else who happens to visit my channel and watch my videos.  No panhandling allowed. 

I hate to have to delete comments, but it's got to be done when the ones leaving the comments are assholes like this person.  The only other comment I have deleted was someone who posted a link to a porn site.  That doesn't need to be there either.  It's way too easy to find porn sites on the internet without going to my YouTube channel first to look for a link.

Now if those people want to go leave their messages on other people's channels they can go right ahead.  If those channels want to leave those comments up for all to see, that's their prerogative.  For me, I'm going to delete them.  My channel was created for me to force myself to finish playing games and maybe entertain others in the process.  It's not for begging.  If you want to do that just move on to the next channel . . . after you've viewed my videos. :)  Feel free to leave a regular like or dislike message before moving on.  And thank you for watching.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Technical difficulties . . . please stand by

It’s been a stressful rough couple of weeks for me. 

For starters: I had 2 vacations planned back to back (not my idea or the original plan) and I had to take my car in for an oil change (overdue) and other general upkeep and maintenance.  Somehow that turned into a $1,200 bill.  Now that’s a lot of money.  My car is an older car (2001) and I’ve been thinking about getting a new one, but I wanted to be debt free (except for my house) before I got a new one.  That bill has pushed that thought back a couple of months or more.

Next: I bought a new mattress and box springs and had the delivery date changed on me 6 times before I finally got them to deliver the goods.  Of course I had to threaten them that I would cancel my order and take my business elsewhere if they weren’t delivered by a specific date.  They were but I only had 3 nights sleeping on that wonder soft fluffy cloud of heaven before I had to head out on vacation.

Vacation #1: My first vacation was stressful because I was traveling to a place I’ve never been and I was responsible for all the expenses.  It was a bit relaxing (almost to the point of boredom) even if I didn’t really get out of the heat.  It was nice to get away from the rat race, but also nice to get home again.

Vacation #2: I was only home for 3 days before I left again on a family reunion.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family but being trapped with all of them in one house (there were 16 of us which wasn’t everybody) for 3 days is not the relaxing vacation I like.  There was chaos, crying children, glasses broken, coyotes barking, howling and killing in the middle of the night and my brother snoring like a lumber jack and keeping me up all night.  It’s hard to go from my quiet, peaceful existence to something that resembles more of disaster movie than my idyllic life.  Like I said, I love my family but I’m not use to being around so many temperamental kids.  And don’t even get me started on being trapped in the very small back seat of a pickup truck for almost 6 hours going and almost 8 hours coming back (stupid construction delays). 

When I got home I was very excited to film some more videos and edit them for my channel.  I did.  And then I tried to edit them.

When I went on my first vacation there wasn’t going to be anyone home so I took all those valuables that I didn’t want stolen and secured them elsewhere so they’d be safe while I was gone and house was empty.  Unfortunately, when stashing my audio mixer, the settings got messed up.  For some reason I didn’t check them too carefully (I only checked the volume setting) and went and recorded a couple of videos.  I don’t know why I didn’t even do a mic check before recording.  I guess being on vacation really fried my brain.

When I listened to the audio recording while syncing up the files I realized how bad it was.  Oh shit!  I didn’t know what went wrong and I didn’t know how to fix it.  I did a lot of research trying to find a way to minimize the damage (there was no way I would be able to fix it completely) and I learned a lot . . . and learned that there is still a LOT more that I don’t know.  All of the videos I posted this week had bad audio.  Hopefully I know enough now to fix the problem with the things that I want to film this weekend.  If not, well I’ll have to think of something else.

Spring must be the season of technical difficulties.  I was having issue with the audio and gameplay tracks getting out of sync the longer the video was.  Then there was the gameplay audio was getting out of sync from the gameplay video even though they were on the same track.  None of these problems were evident while playing, but only were noticeable once I was editing.  It made things very frustrating.  I even changed up my posting schedule to give myself more time to editing some of the more difficult files.  I learned a lot then too.

To fix those problems I had to end up uninstalling both Audacity and Elgato and reinstalling them.  Once I did that, things were back to normal.  And that was when I went on vacation and I came back to another set of issues.  It is so frustrating because there are so many things I want to do with my YouTube channel and other things that I just don’t have time for because I’m dealing with all this crap.  I’ve been posting videos for 2 years now and it really doesn’t seem that long, but I also think I should be further along in my plan than where I am at now at this point. 

It also doesn’t help that I don’t have any support in what I’m doing.  My family thinks it’s a waste of my time and just don’t understand that I enjoying do things like this.  My friends just want to play games and aren’t interesting in making content with me.  It doesn’t really matter though because I’m going to continue to keep doing what I love whether anyone supports me or watches my videos.  The whole point of this was to finish games and have fun.  While I am finishing games (I’m almost done with 2 more that might be done before the end of the month), I’m really not having a lot of fun right now.  Things will get better.  Whatever else goes wrong I’ll figure out how to fix and I will move on.  So if you watch my channel and notice technical difficulties . . . please stand by.