Monday, April 28, 2014

1 minute Zombies game

I recently signed up for the month trial of Netflicks on my Nook.  I've been spending my time catching up on missed episode of The Walking Dead.  I started watching that series at the beginning of season 3.  I missed a few episode at the end of that season but caught a few more at the start and end of season 4.  I really thought it would be a good idea to start watching from the beginning so I know who to cheer for and who should just go kill themselves.

That led me to another good idea.  I was wondering how many zombie video games I could name in one minute.  I got 20.5 (more on that half one later).  So I propose this challenge to you.  Set a timer, an alarm or a clock and give yourself 1 minute to list as many zombie games as you can.  These are games with zombies figuring in prominently.  So for you Minecraft fans out there that game doesn't count.  Yes, there's Creepers but they're not the point of the game.

So why don't you take a minute and give it a go.  I'll start your time right . . . . NOW.

Yep got that one.

And that one too.

Oh, didn't think of that one.

You're missing an obvious one.

If you got that one you should get the other one.

Is that all you can come up with?

And your time stops now.  I said now.  No cheating to get that one you just thought of down.  If you didn't make a list and want to see which ones I came up with before you try it on your own than you can't use any of the ones I thought of.  My game.  My rules.

My list was:

Hunter: The Reckoning
Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward
Hunter: The Reckoning: Redeemer
Dead Island 1-3
Resident Evil 1-6 (?)
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
The Walking Dead
The Last of Us
Call of Duty (W@W; BO, BOII): Zombies
and the one that I couldn't remember the name but I could picture the whole part of the beginning of the game.  I later realized it was State of Decay.  I remembered the game, but not the title, so I'm only giving myself a half point for that one.

Here are some that I missed that if I had given myself more time I would have eventually gotten around to remembering them.

Plants vs. Zombies
Zombie Apocalypse
Borderland (DLC): Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

I can't remember how many Resident Evil games there have been.  My memory seems to stop at 6 but I'm sure there's more but I'm only counting what I know.  The Hunter: The Reckoning games were listed first on my list before they are the first zombie games I played.  They creeped me out and still do to this day.  But I loved them enough that I got them all when they came out, even if Wayward was on the PS2 and didn't seem to play the same way.

I also started thinking about the Dead Space games.  Yes, you kill humans made zombies by the head crab thingies but for me the jest of the story is fighting monsters which are different than zombies.  When I was looking up the name for the State of Decay game I came across a reference to Half-Life zombies.  While I haven't played much of that game I'm lumping it in with Dead Space and that it's aliens you are fighting not zombies, in the traditional sense of course.

So, how many zombie games can you name in 1 minute?  Put your responses in the comments and let's see how many more I should have known but missed.  And I don't know about you but I thought this was fun.  Maybe I'll do it again next time with something else.  Maybe vampires.  Or dragons.  Wait and see.

Catan: unbroken (?)

Okay, there's an Xbox Arcade game that I love to play.  Unfortunately it's very laggy when you try to play it online.  The game is Settler's of Catan.  Or just Catan.

There are 2 achievements that are ranked match based.  One is to get 500 match points in ranked matches and the other is to get 1,000 points in ranked matches.  The only problem is that whatever points you have earned only count if at least 2 humans finish the game.  But the game is so buggy that just getting 2 humans to make it through 2 turns is almost impossible.  When someone drops out an AI takes their spots.  But if you don't finish the game with another human your points earned wont' count.

Not only has the online game been laggy but I've had DRM registration issues with the game.  Every now and then the game would revert back to the trial version and say I haven't downloaded the full version.  Even if I redownload the full game the next time I would play it would revert back to the trail version again.  It's a fun game but I wasn't sure if it was all worth it.

I had almost given up on this game and was about to delete it from my system and move on (space is an issue for me right now) when I decided to give it one more change last night.  I got in the game and had an update to do.  No problem.  It's been a long time since I've played this game so I can understand.  I did the update but the system wouldn't log me back on to Xbox Live.  Because I wasn't logged in the system reverted back to the trial version again.  After 2 attempts for the game to finally recognize that I was a logged in player I could finally get the option to play online.

I went searching for a ranked match and waiting around for awhile.  I was afraid that I won't find one because nobody was playing this game anymore.  To alleviate my boredom I switched over and watched some TV while it was still searching for players.  A while later I switched back and found 2 people in the lobby waiting.  Wow!  Just one more player and we could have a game.  But could we finish it.

It didn't take long before the 4th player jumped in and we got started.  The first turn was a little scary because the player wasn't doing anything which is a big indicator that the match is about to drop.  But we got through it and was able to place our initial pieces and start the match.

Everything time things slowed down I was afraid someone would drop out.  But we made it all the way to the end.  AND I WON!!!!!!!!  I didn't think I could but I got lucky at the end.  But more exciting than that was that all 4 players stayed in the game to the end.  So those points count.

I'm hoping that this wasn't a fluke and that the game has been patched so matches and players don't drop.  I'm going to try playing a couple more matched tonight and we'll see how that goes.  If all goes well I'll be keeping this game around for awhile even if I need the space on my hard drive for other things.

Right now I have 19 wins (you need at least 10 match points to win but you can win with more) and 53 losses.  If you figure 10pts per win that's 190 points.  And 4 points per loss (hopefully that's how many I had before matches went south) that's  212 points.  190 + 212 = 402 points approximately.  That means I'm getting close to one of the last achievements I need.  Does anyone want to join me in a game of Catan?

Poll Results: Which new system

Here are the results of my latest poll:

Which new system should I get with my tax refund?

PS3 = 0 votes
Wii U = 0 votes
PS4 = 2 votes
Xbox One = 0 votes

I didn't get a chance to vote in this poll because I got sidetracked by a close friend's death.  If I would have voted I would have picked the PS3.

There's a lot of games that I've wanted to get for the PS3 and I don't know that I could "cut my losses" and just jump straight ahead to the PS4.  I've been looking around trying to find the best deal since with the PS4 coming out I'm sure there would be.  Unfortunately I haven't found any deals that I like.  So I bought some other stuff instead.

I picked up a couple more "new" games to play and I've been having some fun playing them.  I got Fable Anniversary, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Diablo III.  I had to pick up some other things for the house and such so my tax refund is spent already.  I will get the PS3 . . . I just might have to budget for it for awhile before I can afford to get one.

After I get my PS3 I will be getting an Xbox One (maybe with next years refund).  After that it will probably be the PS4.  The problem right now is I really want to play Pikmin 3 and that's only out on the Wii U.  But I can't justify buying a new console to just play one game.  And I'm not sure what other games out there for the Wii U that I would be interested in.

I have been beginning to wonder recently at what point does my innocent hobby become an obsession and I have to have it all.  In the stitching world we have SABLE.  It stands for Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy.  It means we have more projects to work on than we would ever finish before we die.  At some point I'm going to have GABLE.  Games Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy.  How will I play them all?

In Memoriam: metallicorphan

I haven't posted for awhile because I was sent reeling with some unexpected news a while ago.  One of my online friends since 2004 in the old Star Wars Battlefront days has died.  His gamer tag was metallicorphan and I'll miss him terribly.

He lived in England but was always up to joining our American matches even if it meant a whole lot of lag for him.  I could always count on him to brighten up my day with a joke or two.  We flirted and joked around but I never felt creeped out by any of it which is something I couldn't always say about some of my other friends.  I could always count on him to read my blog and comment on what I had written.  He was there for me as a gamer and as a friend.  And he will be missed.

Even though I had never met the man the news of his passing was devastating to hear.  I've lost contact with friends before for various reasons.  Some left Xbox because of their feelings towards Microsoft.  Some left gaming because life got in the way.  Some left because they couldn't or didn't want to upgrade to new systems.  Some just lost interest.  Since I've lost touch with most of those friends I can't be sure that they're still alive and well.  And while I hope they are doing well, I also hope that someday they will come back to gaming and we can play together again.

I think one reason why metallic's death hit me so hard because wonderful the man was to me, as a gamer and as a girl-gamer, was that I knew with the loss of this friend there would be no hope of playing together again.  I won't be able to turn on my Xbox one day and see that he's come back to gaming and we can put in a game and play together again.  And he was looking forward to playing Star Wars Battlefront 3 someday.  Maybe it's come out in Heaven and he's playing it right now.  If anyone deserves to play that game it would be him.  If you're up there playing orphie, save me a drink in Mos Eisley's Cantina.  Just don't shoot me when I come through the door.