Friday, July 7, 2017

Steam Sale noobie

Okay, the Steam Summer Sale has ended and my bank account is heaving a sigh of relief. 

I figured it out the other night and prior to getting my laptop a couple of years ago it's been about 9-10 years prior to that since I've had a computer beefy enough to play games on.  Once I got my lap top I wanted to start getting back in to gaming.  Unfortunately my laptop doesn't have an optical drive so all those computer disks of the games that I own I didn't have a way to install them.  I could have gone out and bought an external CD drive but there have been other things I've had to spend money on.

This year I couldn't wait any longer and I started buying Steam games when I found something that I liked.  I had 7 before the sale started.  Games like The Witcher (the original), 7 Days to Die, Dead by Daylight, More or Die, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, You Must Build a Boat and just prior to the sale Playerunknown's Battleground.  Now I have a total of 67 games.  I think I went a little overboard.

But the good news is that I really didn't spend all that much money (I love sales).  What's even better news is that I got some of my old games that I have on CD so now I don't have to worry about trying to find a way to install them.  Games like all the Thief games, the Half-Life games (please make Half-Life 3), and a metric butt-ton of Star Wars games among many, many others.  I've even gone back and got original games that started series like Fallout.  I always like to play series from the beginning so I can see how the game progressed through the years.

I don't know when I'm going to find the time to play all these new games (although I've have started playing Portal [love that game]).  And I don't have the hard drive space to install them all on my laptop.  My next goal to complete before my birthday next year is to build a really good gaming PC.  Then I'll probably just plant myself in front of it and play until my brain melts.  I can't think of a better way to spend my time.

Did you pick up anything in the Steam Summer Sale?  I'm curious as what games people got.  I know there were a bunch more that I wanted to get but my budget decided it wasn't a wise move.  And I was only looking in the "under $5" list.  Maybe next time I'll check out the "under $10" list as well.  I better start saving up now.

Begging for money in YouTube comments

I received a couple of messages on my YouTube channel that were saved for moderation in my spam folder.  And they were spam.  It was so obvious it should have been embarrassing.

The first message was on a recent video with the person saying they liked my channel and that they were collecting money to help the poor in some African country.  They said that donating just $1 would go a long way to help.  They even provided a helpful link where I could go donate.  It was a nice gesture to help less fortunate so I left that message in my spam file before approving because I don't want to censor people.  But I also don't want people dumping shit in my channel because I let them.  I decided to look at the next comment and come back to the first one later.

The second comment was from the same person on the very next video on my channel.  Once again they said they liked my channel and that they were starting their own YouTube channel and it would be very helpful if I donated just $1 to help another YouTuber out.  Strangely enough they provide the same link as the previous comment.  It was pointing to a patreon account.  The same one that was asking for money to help the poor in Africa.  Hmm.

Needless to say I deleted both comments and muted that person so they couldn't leave any more comments.  I don't think of this as censorship but more that I have the right to determine what kind of comments are on my own channel.  You can bitch and moan about me; how I play, how I sound, whatever, I don't care.  You can even complain about the games I play.  But my channel is not for you to solicit money from myself or anyone else who happens to visit my channel and watch my videos.  No panhandling allowed. 

I hate to have to delete comments, but it's got to be done when the ones leaving the comments are assholes like this person.  The only other comment I have deleted was someone who posted a link to a porn site.  That doesn't need to be there either.  It's way too easy to find porn sites on the internet without going to my YouTube channel first to look for a link.

Now if those people want to go leave their messages on other people's channels they can go right ahead.  If those channels want to leave those comments up for all to see, that's their prerogative.  For me, I'm going to delete them.  My channel was created for me to force myself to finish playing games and maybe entertain others in the process.  It's not for begging.  If you want to do that just move on to the next channel . . . after you've viewed my videos. :)  Feel free to leave a regular like or dislike message before moving on.  And thank you for watching.