Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Otherwise occupied

July has been a slow month for posts here on my blog. There's a reason. I've been looking at buying a house. While that's not taking all of my time it is taking all of my energy and creative thought. I'd love to have my own place (with a tricked out game room) but this whole process is driving me nuts. Just thought you should know.


metallicorphan said...

ahh..welcome to my world

i have a house,and my back bedroom has my widescreen TV,my DVDs,my 360,PS3 and my Wii..and its where i spend say 70% of my time when i am in my house

only thing is,the bills go crazy on you..water,electric,gas,tax etc

guess its worth it though :p

pengwenn said...

You're not helping orphie.

I made an offer on a house but got outbid. When I thought about looking again the first house on my "to see" list my agent found out had a squatter locked in the bedroom and that another agent had to call the cops to get them forcibly removed.

Did I mention the houses in my price range are dumps? It's not very encouraging.

Zenra Nukenin said...

When I was shopping for a house, I had placed a bid on one in particular, but never heard anything back. Presumably, I wasn't offering enough. A few months later I saw the same house was still listed in one of those real estate trade magazines you find at the grocery store. Curious, I called the agent listed and he told me the house had sold the week before. When I asked him how much it sold for, he gave me a price less then what I had bid. Where's the sense in that?

Chad said...

Oh wow Pengwenn you're getting us a house to move into you rock so much. I was saving up to get one but since you're jumping the gun im so happy


pengwenn said...

Fine Pogue, if you want to move in I'm charging you rent (and you better be nice to me or it just might be more than the mortgage payment) :)

The way things are going I just might call the whole thing off and buy a time share instead . . . or lots of video games.