Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poll results - Do you like to host games?

Okay, I was reminded last night I haven't posted in a month which means I MISSED ALL OF JUNE! Oh no. So here's something to tide you over until I actually have the brain power to create something new. Hopefully it won't take another month to do that.

Here's the results from the last poll:

Do you like to host games?

I host so I can play what I want to play = 0 votes
I host because everybody else is too lazy = 1 vote
My connection is too shoddy to host = 2 votes
I would host but nobody wants to play with me = 3 votes
I need that "host advantage" = 1 vote
I would but someone always beats me to it = 0 votes

I'm a little surprised the first choice didn't get at least one vote. I thought for sure that Evil would vote for that one. And what does he like to play? Why, Team Deathmatch of course. And nothing but Team Deathmatch will do. At least it seems that way.

As for being lazy. Well . . . it has been a month since I last posted. Unfortunately I don't host because everybody else is too lazy. Heck, I'm too lazy to host. I do think Mad Max did a lot of our hosting during Gears matches because everyone else was too lazy to host. Personally, I keep forgetting to check to see if I'm host before matches start in Gears. I guess I really don't host that much.

I do have a couple of friends who's connection is so hit or miss that I wouldn't want to be in a match with them as host. I'm not going to name names *cough* Weasell *cough*, *cough* G Sneaka *cough* but you know who you are. It's not that they're bad people it's just that for one reason or another their connection doesn't preform at optimal output (which says nothing about how they preform as individuals *wink wink*). For some it might be location. For others it just might be the shitty Internet provider that they're stuck with. Unfortunately those individuals usually have problems connecting to everyone else, no matter who is hosting.

As for "nobody wants to play with me"? That's not true. I'll play with anyone on my friends list at any time. If I've got the game and I haven't committed to playing with someone else (I'm on a first-come-first-serve basis) then I'm up for it. Even if it's something that doesn't interest me. Like Team Deathmatch. Every night. Over and over again. And again. (Subtle, don't you think?) I play for the friendships and camaraderie that I have with people online. I also play games to win, have fun and explore new worlds. I like playing with people. And I like playing with people I like. And I like playing with people I like who like me in return. Okay, my head is spinning now. If I've got the game and you want to play with me send me an invite. And that includes Arcade games too.

Well, the "host advantage" is what I voted for. For some games it's more prominent than others. I don't care. I want it. I'm not the best player out there. I would consider myself just below mediocre. My kill/death ratio in Modern Warfare 2 is 0.65 and in Gears it's 0.5 or 0.6. Not much of a help to the team, am I? If there is a way that I could get a little edge in a match I would take it. Unfortunately I don't like the responsibility of being host. If I don't catch if I'm host in Gears my teammates tell me I'm fired. And as for Team Deathmatch games? I don't want to select them at all, but I have some friends that won't play anything but that. If I want to play with them I HAVE to play Team Deathmatch. I just bite the bullet (in more ways than one) and play. I guess that's an argument for the "I host to play want I want" option. But I rarely host so it's not a problem for me.

I'm also really surprised no one voted for the last option. I know I have a couple of friends out there who would love to host to get that "host advantage" and to make the connection smoother for them. Evil hates the slight lag he gets when c5 hosts. c5 loathes the lag he gets when Evil hosts. And I'm not a good middle man between those two because of my proximity to Evil (just ask him and he'll tell you). Personally I liked it when Mad Max hosted every night. 1) nobody had lag issues because someone else was hosting (at least none that I heard), 2) I don't have the responsibility of being in charge and 3) I could always count on him to freshen things up and the game play was getting stale, and one more thing: 4) most of my friends seems to be in the same state as Mad Max so their connections seemed to get along better with each other. I could say the same thing about Sand Dog hosting but he hasn't been online in weeks. Man, I miss that Dog.

So that's it. I don't host (or would rather not) because I don't want the responsibility of trying to run things and make everyone happy. And if you want to play anything and I've got the game I'm in. Don't hesitate to ask. If I'm busy with someone else I'll let you know and we'll set up a designated time to play what you want. Then I'll be all yours baby, to do as you please . . . and hopefully it will please me too. Just don't insist on me being host.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY a new post!!

I would host, but when I do, NOBODY is happy. My connection is questionable sometimes. And people think that just because I'm in Canada that my connection should rock against anyone in Canada.

Note to those not in Canada: Canada is greater in size than the U.S.A. I live in a a very central/mid-west location (just 1 hour north of Minnesota/North Dakota). If someone is in Toronto, that is a 24-27 hour drive from where I am. I am not 10 minutes away from everyone who lives in Canada. It's probably closer to Evil Ric or Pengwenn than it is to Toronto or Montreal from where I am. No Joke. It would be close.

However I am like you, Pengwenn. I'm not that proud. I'll take host advantage when I can get it. I like to feel the power coarsing through my veins. I could try a few rounds to see if anything has changed. It is a 6x points week-end...

I'd like some of the horde achievements as well. I missed out on those. I hate that life goes on without me. :-P

Oh, and I just bought a "new" PS360(Yes, you read that right. If it had a blu-ray player it would be a PS3). We'll see if it's more reliable than the old type.


metallicorphan said...

advertising does pay..i looked at your gamercard info on my friends list,Penny, to see how you were doing on FF13,and your little speech bubble said 'new blog'

TBH i have started to fall out with XBL,the amount of online games i want to play has dropped massively..and i am starting to think that XBLG is not needed anymore

Pengwenn said...

I'll play Horde with you anytime Weasell. Just say the word (that would be "HORDE") and I'll join you. I'd like to know how your new system works out for you. Mine is having troubles . . . again, and I know I'll have to send it back (and maybe buy a backup system).

metallic, don't leave me. :( Certainly there's some games out there that you'd like to play. If you can hold out a couple more months there's the holiday season to look forward to.

Yes, it's been awhile but it's also been "birthday season" in my family. 5 or 6 birthdays in a 2-3 week period is a lot of cake.

And yes, the cake is a lie (but it tastes so good....)