Monday, February 7, 2011

12 Games in 12 Months

So my friends tease me and give me a hard time because I can't seem to finish games that I start . . . at least not in a reasonable time frame. And although I've decided not to set specific New Year Resolutions for myself (they always lead to disappointment) I couldn't get the idea of "12 games in 12 months" out of my head.

What that idea is, is for me to finish the story lines of 12 games within a 12 month period. That doesn't mean I get all the achievements for those games that have them, but that I actually get to the end credits of the story so I can now talk about it with my friends. By saying "12 games in 12 months" I'm also giving myself a whole year to work on all games. I'm not limiting myself to 1 game a month. If the end of February comes along and I'm not close to finishing a game I don't want to get down on myself.

I got this idea when I finally finished the story in Gears of War 2 in December. I was at the start of Chapter 5 when my stuff was stolen so I had to spend some time retracing my steps before I could get to things I hadn't seen yet. The good news was this allowed me to work on several achievements that I hadn't gotten before. The bad news was by the time I finished the game and wanted to talk about it my friends couldn't remember what exactly had happened when in the story any more.

I plan on finishing games over several consoles and hand-helds. I keep throwing around a list every week or so but I'll let fate and my current mood decide which games I'll work on at the moment.

One game that I know I want to finish is Puzzle Quest 2. I think I'm getting very close too. I hope so any way. I love playing this game but I get bored of the battles rather quickly. After I've won my third battle I just want to play something else. It doesn't help that 3 battles might only get me to the other side of the room and not very far in the story. I've played that game so much that I've dreamed of it at night and heard that little beep that indicates your turn everywhere. I can't wait to finish the game.

Some other games I'm considering are:

Eternal Sonata
Final Fantasy Tactics (for PSP)
Ratchet and Clank
Dark Cloud
Lost Odyssey

Obviously I'm going to need more games and those games listed might not even be ones I try to finish either. It's just a list of the games I'm interested in playing right now. I could throw in the story modes for some of those online shooters I'm always playing. I hear those stories are kind of short. I could throw in a long game like Fallout 3, Blue Dragon or Borderlands and work on it over the entire 12 months.

I guess that really is only 11 months now because I got this idea in January and decided to go for it then. Yes, I know I'm a little behind in posting about it. I just hope I'm not behind in finishing games and have 10 or so to finish once December rolls around. If you have any suggestions for those "must play" games that you think I should play, let me know. I make no promises but if I do finish them we'll have one more thing to talk about.


metallicorphan said...

forgive me if i am wrong Penny,but were you one of the few who had not finished Mass Effect(and of course Mass Effect 2)?,if you didn't,you really need to out them on your list

Borderlands main story(not included DLC) took me about 3 -4 days solid gaming,same with Blue Dragon really,both great games

you would definitely want to get the DLC for Borderlands though if you did play it,one of the best co-op games as well(up to 4 players)

main story of Fallout 3 is only 15 hrs long,but the side missions are what takes the game to over 100 hrs(150 with the DLC),you could 'cheat' with that one and get a feel of the game as to whether you want to do those side missions and everything you can

Helll Weasell said...

I'm in the same boat as you right now. I used to finish most of my games but I have about 1/2 dozen from last year that are unfinished and/or have unplayed DLC. I received two games for Xmas that I have yet to open. And there's more on the horizon. I did manage to finish Splatterhouse in a reasonable amount of time, though.

If there's anything you want to play co-op, let me know. I'd go through Borderlands. I'm not finished either. I'll do Halo:Reach in co-op if you want.

I agree with Orphan - Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Definitely. Mass Effect 3 comes out before Xmas this year. Gotta catch up. I don't remember how long I played Mass Effect but ME2 was about 40-45 hours to finishthe game with all the side quests but no DLC.

Pengwenn said...

orphan, I'm having problems playing Mass Effect. My system just doesn't like all the stuff it puts on the screen and it freezes a lot. Could be my system or the disk. Who knows.

Weasell, after all the help you gave me with my Gears 2 co-op I should be asking you what help you need with co-op games (although I still need co-op on Gears 1).

I tried Halo: Reach co-op with BillyBob and I'm so lost. He kept replaying parts of missions so I could the achievement for something special there. That was nice, but I have no idea of what's going on in the story.

I played some co-op with cyberwrat and Genghis is Borderlands. Genghis helped me open up a few new areas and helped me find some claptraps. It was nice too because his character was such much higher than mine he would do all the combat and I would sit back and watch....and pick up the weapons. Got some good stuff that way. I miss Genghis.

I'll play co-op with either one of you guys (although orphan doesn't want to marry me in Fable 3 :[ ). If there's something you wnat to do let me know. And Weasell you need to try Battlefield. I'll play that with you.

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