Monday, July 18, 2011

Almost there

At the beginning of June I set myself a little mini goal. I wanted to break the 20,000 gamer score barrier by Labor day. I had just under 2,000 points to go in order to hit that mark. It would be doable but I'd have to put in the effort.

My score currently stand sat 19,902. So close, and yet so far. It helped that I finally picked up some multiplayer achievements in Gears of War. I got points for hosting 50 matches, 100 chainsaw kills, and 100 revives. I also picked up a few achievements in Mass Effect and one for starting Lego Star Wars III and finishing the story in Puzzle Quest 2.

On the other hand I can't seem to get any more achievements in Clash of Heroes. I really loved that game and I worked hard to max out all my allies and specialists and finally got that achievement. But since then I can't seem to progress in the story. I'm on the third character (the ghost which I can't remember her name) and I got up to level 3 but now I can't win a battle. Everybody I run into is at least a level 5 and my troops just don't seem to have the defense to stand up to the enemy's attack. I think I've played that game for over an hour without progressing or winning anything. It's rather frustrating so I've stopped playing. I don't think I'll be getting any more achievements out of that game before Labor Day.

Since I've always had one arcade game that I obsess about I'm trying to find a replacement to fill my time. Everything I've tried to play hasn't interested me. While I know I can pick up some achievements in larger disk games, I like having a smaller arcade game to play when I want something quick and not so intense.

I've been working on my pistol and Boomshot kills in Gears so that might get me some points towards my goal, but I don't think I'll get those achievements before Labor Day. I might get them before Gears of War 3 comes out but that's later on in the month so I have more time.

I should also be able to pick up another achievement or two with Mass Effect. I want to finish that game before Gears 3 comes out because I won't be playing much else when I have that game in my hands. I'm pretty close to the end of the game but I don't know if the achievements I might get will be enough to push me over the 20k mark.

So I have a month and a half to get 98 points to reach my goal. You would think that because that number is only 2 digits it would seem absolutely attainable, but it doesn't. It might only be 2 digits but it feels so far away. But I can't wait to break that 20k barrier. I'm really tired of looking at a number one at the beginning of my gamer score. My gamer score was higher than Genghis's when I started his last tour of duty. Now he's up around 60,000 or so and I haven't even broken 20,000. And I also thought I played more video games than Sneaka but he's past the 20k mark and has been for awhile. And I don't want to think of Banco Billy's 200+k gamer score.

Will there be any hope for me to reach my goal? I hope so. I'm a competitive person so as long as I have friends with a higher score than me I'll keep trying and playing games. Maybe by the time I'm 80 years old I can reach the gamer score Banco Billy has today. Until then I'll just be happy trying to get to past 20,000.


Zak said...

you should have bought a windows 7 smartphone. Then you could have gotten achievements off Angry Birds. My cousin EL WCRYDER got 35 gamerpoints off that game. ha ha ha I wish they had xbox live games on my Android. They should do it, Microsoft makes more money of Android than it does off its own Windows 7 phones. :)
EL Zak

Helll Weasell said...

You've left a lot of gamerscore on the table with Gears campaign, L4D, and L4D2. There are some easy achievements that could bring 200-300 points in a short period of time if you're looking. Let me know what you want to play.

metallicorphan said...

did you download that free arcade game a few months ago,Harms Way?i think it was called(driving and shooting game)

very easy 200/200

Zenra Nukenin said...

BTW: I "saw you" metallicorphan on Sent You A Message. Congrats.

metallicorphan said...

LOL,yeah thanks,i have been getting quite a few messages through XBL over it

Pengwenn said...

orphie's our local (i.e. friends list - not location) celebrity. Ah, I knew him when....

And yes I got Harm's Way...and all the achievements. So that won't help for this challenge but for my "12 games in 12 months" one it just might.....I'll have to look at it because I totally forgot about that game. Hmmm

Weasell, I might be up for some L4D tonight, if you're interested.