Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Roll Results - Has Gears of War 3 been worth the wait?

So here's the results from my latest poll:

Has Gears of War 3 been worth the wait?

Absolutely YES! = 2 votes
I'm still thinking about it = 2 votes
I'm left disappointed = 0 votes
Hell no! = 2 votes

It actually took me a while to cast my own vote. At the time it came out I had had it with my friends. I couldn't listen to any more whining or bitching. About games or other gamers. I wanted the game but I didn't want to play it with my friends. I would have rather played with no headset and a bunch of strangers. But the call of my friends was too much and for the first week or so of the game's release I played with friends. Only every other night. One night to play. One night to take a break.

When I came to vote in my poll I knew it would be for one of two options, absolutely....or I'm still thinking. When I thought of the online play with friends I started to drift to the other two options. But then I had to stop myself and think. Am I rating playing with my friends or am I rating the game itself?

I voted based on the game itself (minus all the whining friends). And that vote was "Absolutely YES!". Even though I got off to a terrible start playing online that was more to do with getting irritated with players than with the mechanics of the game. If I looked only at the game, I was having fun. I guess that's why playing with strangers and no headset was nice.

I've played more often with my friends and for the most part it's been like how we use to play. Helping each other out. Calling out enemy positions. And working together as a team. That makes me feel so much better. We even worked together over several nights to beat Beast Mode on insane. It took planning and teamwork and we enjoyed every minute of it. (Except for two times when we got to the final round, had one guy left but ran out of time.) I now look forward to more matches with friends in this game.

As to those that voted "Hell no!" I want answers. Tell me why you don't like it.

I already heard from Evil Ric about it and he said it's just more of the same. When I pointed out that Call of Duty games are just more of the same too he said only Gears of War gets his blood pressure up. I actually thinks that's a compliment to the game. You have more invested with Gears so that little things make you angry. With Call of Duty it's ho hum.

No game is going to be perfect or appeal to everyone the same way. But, for me, there is something special about Gears of War. And now if I could just get through the campaign without dying all the time I might like the game even more (if that's possible). Of course I think I bumped up the difficulty thinking I was a Gears veteran so I can handle anything. Although it has been frustrating I'm glad that the third game in the series is still a tough fight and not a cake walk.


Zenra Nukenin said...

I agree that GoW and CoD are "more of the same". That's why I've stopped buying both! How's that for whining?

Zak said...

I first I was frustrated with the game too, but the more I played, the better I got the hang of it. Now I want to play all the time, but my girls don't let me play. Especially the big one, ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry if you think that my saying that it more of the same could be whining. It was not meant to be. I meant that "Cliffy" promised a different way to play with dedicated servers, thus elminating the "host" advantage. Well, what a surprise... Cliffy lied! Although I am sure there is a dedicated server somewher locked up in a basement of Cliffy's house, next to his bottle of KY jelly and a VHS copy of Top Gun, fast forwarded to the shirtless volleyball scene for quick access so he doesn't have to look at that "mousy Meg Ryan"! lol I can thank Cliffy for one thing, he created a game that let Game Stop promise a guaranteed $30.00 trade in value if returned by November 10, which is going straight to the purchase of MW3! Adios, Cliffy!

Evil Ric