Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh my achy breaky heart

I've been feeling very unloved lately on Xbox Live. I can't find anyone who wants to play with me. If I jump into a friends room usually within 2 matches suddenly everyone wants to get off line. That happened the other night but before I decided to play something by myself I walked away for awhile. When I came back instead of "going to bed" like everyone said they were, they were playing a private, invite only, match. How subtle is that.

I might not be the best player out there, but I'm fun to be around, mostly anyway, right? I'm competitive but I'm never going to be the best player out there. If I can break even with my kill/death ratio (no matter the game) I consider that a huge success. If you play with me, we might not win but I promise, next to me, I'll make you look good. So why won't anyone play with me?

I know there are friends out there still playing Gears of War 3 but there are also other games out there that I have that I would love to play with people. For starters there's Left for Dead. I haven't played much, if any, of that game but I don't feel confident in my abilities to play by myself. I need help.

And then there's any of the Call of Duty games. While I get bored playing Team Deathmatch over and over again all night long, I love trying out other game types, even if I suck at them. One of the few nights where I actually got to play with other people we played a new game type in Modern Warfare 3 about capturing and holding a flag. I LOVED playing that game type (partly because I had the flag for awhile) but everybody else hated it and wouldn't play it again. Why not spice it up every now and then with different game types or maybe an older version of Call of Duty?

And then there's Halo games. There are game types I had never heard about until I saw someone play them a while ago. Games a lot like soccer or basketball or other weird stuff. I'm up for weird.

I know there's a lot of reasons why it's harder to get online sometimes for a lot of us. I'm not saying we have to spend all out time online playing together. But a night or two a week where old friends can get to together and shoot the breeze while we shoot the enemy would be nice. I'd even go back to old school original Gears of War to play with friends. Hell, if Star Wars Battlefront were still active I'd be there right now.

I know we're all busy but if any body an spare an hour or two to play with me then I won't have to start singing "My Achy Breaky Heart" in voice messages to you all over Xbox Live. You don't want that ear worm taking up residence inside your head now do we?


Zenra Nukenin said...

Too bad that Chrome Hounds is gone. :(

All I play online anymore is Full House Poker, but that's not as much fun with friends. I'll always play Gin Rummy with you. :D

Pengwenn said...

I could use some multiplayer achievements in Gin Rummy. And you said you'd help me with Kameo too. And that Bug game. And I'm sure another one or two.

I don't have to play a game to have fun with it. Sometimes I just like hanging out with my friends and chatting. What we do in the meantime doesn't matter. Some of my funnest games have been while playing Uno with friends.

Zenra Nukenin said...

Yes! Those other games too. I had forgotten about those (and may be fuzzy on how to acquire the Achievements that you're looking for), but I'm always happy to brush off an old game and help out.

I just feel bad because I get the impression that I'm being too bossy when I try to help people with things that I've already accomplished. I want to help (quickly), but I'm afraid that it detracts from the fun when I lead someone around by the hand. Anyway... If you don't like it, you can just tell me. I'll certainly understand.

Pengwenn said...

I don't mind being bossed around a bit as long as I know WHY I'm doing something. If someone tells me the gist of things upfront I might be able to figure out a few things on my own (if I'm lucky).

If it becomes: go here, do this, go there, do that and I can't enjoy a part of a game I haven't played before then I might get a little pissy.