Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Same old question

So I took a moment today and looked through some of my older posts in this blog and was surprised at some of my insights into gaming.  My typing could use some improvement though no matter how brilliant I seemed to me.  My search of previous posts led me to the very one I made.  How hard is it to finish a game?  I looked at the date I made that post and it was March 2nd, 2007.  Just over 7 years.  Wow!

Have I changed as a gamer?  Definitely.  For better and worse.  Have I played a lot of games since then?  A tremendous amount.  Have I finished those games that started this all?

Well . . . .

I'm ashamed to admit that even after 7 years I still haven't finished any of those games.  But on the bright side neither has my brother.

In Final Fantasy VII I'm not even back to the spot where I was before my stuff was stolen in 2009.  And I'm even further behind in Mario Sunshine than where I was in that gamer pre thievery.  I'm so stuck in Jedi Outcast that I can't even find out where I am in the strategy guide to help me get out of whatever room I'm stuck in.  And in Summoner I've just barely made it to the first town.  I haven't even gotten back in the sewers.

I've played FFVII and made some progress but I'm taking it slow and stead about leveling characters up and making sure I have enough money to buy everything I want before I go into a town for the first time. 

With Jedi Outcast it's just a pain to disconnect the 360 and change the cords, system and controls out to just play that one game.  Changing to the GameCube for Mario isn't a whole lot better either.  It's been awhile but I think Jedi Outcast is a backward compatible game and I think I might have even tried playing it on the 360.  But that meant I started over . . . again.  Of course that would also mean I'm not stuck any more.

Needless to say I've had problems sticking to this goal to finish in a year.  Hey, it's been 7 years and I'm actually further behind in all games than where I was pre-thievery.  With all the great games that are coming out it's really hard to stay focused and finish these older games. 

I tried making Sunday night "Retro Night".  A night each week where I pull games on older system (or the oldest games on current system) and play those.  It worked for awhile but what I ended up playing was Pikmin (1 and 2).  Those are great games so who can blame me.  Maybe what I need to do is go to some far away hotel and take just one system and lock myself in the room for the weekend and play nothing but one of those older games.  Maybe that's something I can do with my tax refund.

At the very least, after 7 years I'm still consistent.  I'm making lists of all the games I want to play . . . . only to play something else.  But most importantly: I'm still playing video games.  The question might be the same but I'm okay with that.

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