Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Games with Gold downloads

Just because I know someone will ask I'm going to tell you which Games with Gold downloads I've got.  Until this month I think I've down loaded all the arcade games.  This month has fighting games and I'm not interested in those.  I've downloaded the full game ones even if I already have the disk for the game.  I did that so I would have the game in my download history just in case something happened to the disk.  I think those games were one of the Fable games (can't remember which one), Civilization Revolution, Gears of War and one of the Assassin's Creed games (can't remember that one either).

The games that I didn't previously own that I downloaded are: Crackdown, Dark Souls, Dead Island, and Hitman Absolution.  I also bought the download version of Red Dead Redemption.  I was thinking of getting that game and the download price was the same as a used copy at Gamestop.  I choose the download.  I was also in the process of pricing Dark Souls when I saw that it was the Games with Gold download.  That saved me some money. 

If you have any of these games and are willing to play with me I'd love to play with you.  Just hit me up with an invite when you see me online.  I'm not on much and I'm not far in any of these games.  Just warning you.


Helll Weasell said...

There's a few in there we can play!


Snakesvenom said...

When I get another xbox that actually works gwenn I will get down on some of those games (snakesvenom) now known as smashed poop until xbox lets me have my old name back long story