Monday, June 1, 2015

A new game (Rayman Origins) and the last of my audio problems (hopefully)

So I started a new game for my YouTube channel.  I was getting really frustrated with Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga that I needed to take a break.  Normally when that happens, I would play something new and not go back to a frustrating game for a very long time.  One of the reasons why I started the channel was to keep me honest and coming back to games I’m in the middle of to make myself finish them because now I have to post a video of game play . . . even if no one is watching.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to play.  Hopefully something more fun and happy that what Lego SW was turning out to be for me.  I picked Rayman Origins.  It’s one of the poll votes and the poll wasn’t done yet, but I still picked it.  For some reason I really want to play Dark Souls which I hear is a really brutal game so I’m hoping that Rayman will lighten the mood when I play it.  I’m sure I’ll have lots of games on the go at any given time.  Rayman just happens to be the next game I picked.

 At hopefully it will be the last as well.  Not for playing games, but for audio problems.  I finally had the extra money to fix my audio issues.  I no longer need to use the built in mic on my lap top and have to sync up the audio and video when I’m editing.  I now have a set up that will record the audio IN the video capture so there’s only 1 file to render, process and edit.  Instead of have 2 separate files for each step.  Part 1 of Rayman Origins was the last capture done with separate audio and video files so I’m excited that I finally figured everything out.  Even if it did cost a lot of money to get it to work the way it should have the first time.

I haven’t really edited the next video yet.  Just listen to the first part of it.  I think it sounds AWESOME!  It’s like night and day.  I really love the sound and think I sound so much better.  I still sound stupid at times, but I don’t think a new audio set up will fix that.  One thing I did notice is that you can really hear my dog Zoe’s nails click on the wood floors as she walks across the room.  It picks up sound so much clearer.  I don’t know if there’s anything I can do about that now, other than to keep my dog off the floor, but I have plans to fix that in the future. 

I have an old desktop computer that I really can’t (actually don’t want to) use anymore.  I need to go through the files and save anything I want to keep and move that over to my lap top.  Then I can get rid of the big brown box and the SUPER BIG FAT monitor.  Those will go in the garage for storage and maybe a Craig’s list posting.  I can then turn that computer desk space over to my gaming and move my whole set up in to my office instead of sitting in the living room.  That way you won’t hear Zoe’s nails as she walks across the floor all the time.  I will need to get a small TV to set up in that room before I do, but hopefully I can take care of all of that soon.

The only downside to this plan is that I work from home at least 3 days a week and I’m not sure how I feel about having my gaming set up in the same room.  1) it will be too distracting when I’m trying to work and would rather do anything other than work (i.e. every single day), 2) when I’m done working I like to get out of the room for a nice break and not go back in to it again until the next time I work from home.  Sometimes, after a particularly rough week I won’t go in to my office at all on the weekends.  I feel like I’m trapped in a cage while I sit there and work and I don’t want to interfere with my gaming or desire to game.  I’ll have to figure something out.

The other option is to move my gaming set up in to what I was making my craft room.  It’s currently mostly storage right now.  I’ve been slowly going through the boxes there and cleaning things out or moving them to a more permanent storage location.  Most of the boxes being moved are Star Wars figures and toys.  I hate to admit this, but I’m starting to consider selling those on Craig’s list as well.  I could make thousands (although not as much as I spent on them). 

The downside to using that room is that I don’t have wired internet access in that room.  I would need to see how the wireless is working in that area because it seems to be hit or miss around my house.  The upside is that my gaming station wouldn’t be a temptation while I’m working and I wouldn’t feel like I’m trapped in a cage all day if I work and then game in the same room.  The upside is that my roommate could also use that room for their gaming, if they wanted to, and it wouldn’t matter if I was home working or not.  While it’s in my office, on the days I work from home it would be unusable.  Another downside is that I was hoping to create a calming, soothing retreat where I could go and work on crafts.  Having a bunch of gaming equipment and stuff in the room doesn’t really lend itself to a Zen-like environment.  I’ve got a couple weeks before I can afford to buy another TV and clean up the old computer space so I’ve got time to decide.

Once I do figure everything out and get a final setup of where/how I want to do things I might post a pic or blog about it.  If I can find a replacement battery for my digital camera I might even do a room tour.  But that’s more money to spend.  Isn’t getting/keeping electronics working properly wonderfully.

In the meantime, why not enjoy my last (hopefully) terrible audio video before the video with my new set up comes out.  And it’s a new game.  And I pick up a couple of achievements.  Yeah for me all around!



Zenra Nukenin said...

I know what you mean about getting rid of your Star Wars toys. I've got A LOT of G.I.Joes from the 80s that I want gone, but when I see what they're going for on eBay, I decide that I can't just throw them out. And so they remain... taking up room. :(

Pengwenn said...

Yeah, it would feel like I'm selling my childhood. I just can't seem to part with them, but there's no point in keeping them if all they do is sit hidden in a box in storage.

I don't know if the new movie coming out will start me back in to collecting, or if it will be the last straw to break free of my childhood and finally move on. I think it would be sad either way.