Monday, June 27, 2016

The Cone of Shame has been removed

The Cone of Shame (aka: The Weapons of Mass Destruction) has finally been removed.  June 22nd was the official date and Zoe couldn't be more happy.  Actually she's not the only one who's happy.

It was hard to watch for six and a half weeks as my normally wild and crazy dog walked around my house barely lifting her head and sleeping all the time.  She's not doped up anymore (her last meds were last night) and hasn't had to have any sedatives for a week so her 100mph personality was just starting to come back.  Now that the cone's off she's really starting to act and feel like her old self.

It took her 4 days before she realized she could drink out of the toilet again.  Why do dogs do that?  It took 6 days before she realized she could bend over and drink the pool water.  Hasn't tried to get in yet but I'm sure she will soon.

The one thing she still does now that she did when she had the cone on is stay within 10 feet of me at all times.  Before she loved to lay on her chair at the front window and watch all the exciting stuff that happened in the front of the house (and bark at anything that moved) while I sat in my office and worked.  Now she might go out to the front room to look out the window briefly, but she'll be back at my side within a couple of minutes.  I was hoping she'd get back some of her independence, but maybe that will come later.  It's very hard to remember to watch my feet as I get up from my chair because Zoe might be right under them.

And food hasn't changed without the cone on.  She's so use to getting snacks every 8 hours that she expects them now.  If I try to eat anything she thinks she should get a piece too.  She had gotten really good at being patient and waiting still and quiet (with just the tip of her tail wagging) while I ate.  If she was good enough I'd give her a piece at the end.  Now, everything I eat seems to be everything I should be giving her.  And she's been coming over to me around the times I would normally give her the meds.  She knew.  I'm going to have to break her of that habit.

She's still not allowed to get her tail wet so a good scrubbing bath will have to wait until this weekend.  She doesn't like baths, so this will be very interesting.  She's overdue for one.  Was due for one when this stuff all happened, but we couldn't give her one.

Now that I know she's out of the woods (and leaving her tail alone now that the cone's off) and I'm starting to see her personality come back, I'm starting to feel better about all of this.  I still miss her tail and how she used it to signal how happy she was feeling.  I guess I'll get over that.  It will take me a lot longer to heal about that than I'm sure what she went through. 

I think I might have some energy now to start filming move videos for my YouTube channel.  Unfortunately I sound like a bullfrog because I'm sick.  If it's not one thing, it's another.

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