Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm "sticking" with Gears of War

The other night a group of us were together playing Gears of War and we all sent out invites to people on our friends list to max out the room. There's nothing worse then getting a room almost full of friends but with 1 or 2 jerks messing up the game for everyone. I had a friend who had achievements in Gears, but I've never actually seen him in the game. I sent the invite, only to be declined.

Was it because he didn't want to play with me? No. Was it because he was too involved in what he was currently playing? No. Was it because he didn't know how to play video games? No. The guy's a good player. He didn't want to play Gears because he "didn't like it." WHAT?

Apparently he borrowed the game from a friend when it came out, played a few levels on his own, played a few multiplayer maps and just decided . . . eh . . . "I didn't think it was that fun of a game."

Gears is not a perfect game, but it's pretty darn close. Yes, you do tend to get stuck in cover . . . even if you weren't trying to get into cover in the first place. Yes, you can't see who's talking in the multiplayer (unless you tap your left bumper). Yes, you don't get to respawn. Yes, ammo conversation could make or break you. And yes, multiplayer teams are only 4 x 4.

There are glitches in the game, infinite frags and the like, but every game has a glitch or two. And while you can't respawn, you CAN talk to the players on the other team while you watch whoever's left in the match. Bragging (and/or complaining) of spectacular kills is a must. What other games lets you immediately assail your opponents with a verbal assault while your body is blown to smithereens?

Despite it's very minor hang-ups I love Gears. And while I hate the fact that I keep getting booted from ranked matches because I'm a girl (for some reason guys don't like to lose to a girl) I'll still play. For me I'll "stick" with Gears of War. I'll just have to find another game I'll invite this friend to play.

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