Monday, March 5, 2007

My Xbox 360 paper weight

Unfortunately I have to work today, but my two younger brothers don't. My gamer brother wanted to play Fuzion Fenzy 2 with my married brother but needed another controller. On Saturday I loaned him mine (figuring I had other consoles and games to play over the weekend) so they could hook up today and play FF2 and anything else they had in mind. That meant on Sunday I was staring at a nice big white paper weight. No controller . . . no play. And what game did I want to play more than anything else? Gears of War. I guess I could have gone out and bought another controller but since I play all of my multi-player games on line why would I need another one? A back-up maybe, but they're still $40 a pop at my local Game Stop. Why couldn't Microsoft make a new system that still used the controllers from the old one? Playstation did.

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