Friday, September 11, 2009

Poll Results - Alaskan cruise adventure?

Here are the results for the latest poll:

What's going to happen to me on my Alaskan Cruise?

I'll accidentally fall overboard = 0 votes
I'll piss someone off and be pushed overboard = 0 votes
I'll get lost on a shore excursion in the middle of the wilderness = 1 vote
I'll meet the lumber-jack man of my dreams and stay in AK = 3 votes
I'll go through video game withdrawal and have to be committed = 4 votes

I didn't vote in this poll. I couldn't find the time before I left and when I got back it was too late. If I would have voted before I left I think I would have picked the first one. After I came back I wish it would have been the second one, but I'm too polite to piss anyone off (however much I wanted to while on the cruise).

I heard there was a very high ratio of men to women in Alaskan so I wish I could have met the man of my dreams there, but alas those single men I did meet were college kids (or just out of college) looking to pick up cash in summer employment. They were way too young for me. I'm not the cougar type.

As for going through video game withdrawal? I was prepared for that. I took my PSP with me on the trip (I still can't find where I packed my GBA SP). Unfortunately I never even took it out of the case. There was just way too much stuff to do on the ship. And when I did have some free time to kill and nothing interested me I took a book to read or some cross stitch project to work on.

I thought about playing the PSP but I didn't want to get in the middle of a dungeon and have the battery die out. Since there's not an abundance of outlets on the ship in the common areas that meant staying in the cabin. Every time I tried to get some peace and quiet by doing that my parents walked in 5 minutes later . . . and then yelled at me for hiding out in the cabin. Five minutes after that I would be walking out the door (with a book in hand) trying to find some quiet place where nobody would annoy the crap out of me.

As for the trip itself, it was fantastic. Except for the fact that I came home with pneumonia. I had that for 3 weeks before I finally started to feel better this week. Unfortunately the last week of the month is always the busiest time for me at work so there's been no rest for the wary. I have a CD of all the pictures I took but I haven't gone through them yet. When I do I'll post a couple from each port and tell ya all what I did. I know you're just dying to find out.

As fun as the trip was I did miss you guys. With some of you I felt I had to introduce myself again. But they say "absence makes the heart grow fonder". Did you miss me too?


metallicorphan said...

good to know that you enjoyed your trip,i wasn't aware that you were gonna be going so soon
with it being a cruise,does it take you right round?(inbetween Russia and Alaska)..or did it stay in the southern area,like in the Gulf?

Pengwenn said...

It was an "inland passage" cruise. We stayed inside the little islands up the western coast of Canada and Alasks.

I booked the cruise back in July. I didn't tell anyone right away because my mother kept hounding me about putting my travel plans out on the internet so anyone can come by my house and rob me while I'm gone. I guess it didn't sink in that dain stayed at my house while I was gone so it wasn't empty.