Friday, September 25, 2009

Comic Planetary Alignment

Sometimes in life things line up to be very funny. I'm calling it Comic Planetary Alignment. Here's how it worked for me:

Wednesday afternoon (while at work):

I talked to me mom on the phone and decided that I hate my job and would like to do something else. Unfortunately I don't think my present job is really giving me the skill sets to find another job, not doing what I'm doing now.

Wednesday night (while on Xbox Live)

I finally got to play with some of the boys. My brother kai brought back the Call of Duty: World at War disk I left in the 360 that I recently got back from repair. I was testing it out before giving the console back to him and totally forgot I left the disk in the machine. That was last Saturday night. Since then it seemed like I was a pariah with everyone on my friend's list. Nobody wanted to play with me. At first I was sad, but then I took advantage of my quarantine and did some more work in Lost Odyssey and other single player games. Once I had the disk back I played with the guys and it was good to hear their voices again (and to know I no longer had that "leper-outcast-unclean" stigma just because I didn't have a particular game).

Thursday lunch (in the office cafe)

Someone left a newspaper out on the table I sat down at. Normally I read the newspaper online but I thought I'd riffle through it for kicks. I found the comics and couldn't remember when the last time I read ANY comic stripes was. When I got to Pearls Before Swine I laughed out loud. It took my job experience combined with Genghis Khan's voice to finally put me in a good mood (at least good enough to get through the day).

Here's the Comic Planetary Alignment courtesy of Pearls before Swine (click the image to see a larger view). And a link to the website so you can follow the whole story.


metallicorphan said...

how are you doing on Lost Odyssey Penny?,i think last i heard you were on the last disc

i was kinda hoping Mistwalker was gonna announce Lost Odyssey 2 at the Tokyo Game Show,but alas nothing

they have only had 2 games on the 360(Blue Dragon and Lost odyssey)..and Cry On was cancelled

still undecided whether i will eventually buy the new map pack for COD:W@W

Pengwenn said...

I am on the last disk . . . and now I'm stuck . . . sort of.

I finished the area with those lifts you have to activate while your party is split up. I got back into the ship, drove underwater and now I can't remember where to go. I have the guide so I can look it up but I'm just going back to the first place and doing things I forgot to do/missed from before. I picked up 2 dreams and a seed that I missed in that first big city.

I also worked on the "musical battle" sidequest thing. And finding hidden treasures and clues. I'm a completionist so I like to have everything done by the time I get to those end credits.

Kralon said...

I am stuck too. I am trapped inside of the Temple of Enlightenment. I completed the boss battle, but I have an elevator that is in the wrong position according to the online video walkthru. Moving on to something else for awhile.