Monday, October 19, 2009

And she's down for the count

I just got the dreaded E74 error message on my console. I played some zombie matches with Pogue, MadMax and Genghis Khan and was having some graphical difficulties. As long as I didn't look around or things moved in front of me I was okay. Once things, or I, started to move around things would get all wonky on me. We took a break for dinner and when I logged back in the dashboard was all wonky right from the get go. I turned it off, made sure every cord was connected properly and then I got the E74 error message. I tried several different things but it wouldn't go away. So I set up a repair ticket, printed off the shipping label and will stop my the UPS Store to ship it off tomorrow. Hopefully it won't take long (and I'll get my same system back). I hope you all don't forget me.

Now I guess I have no excuse for not hooking up my PS2 and getting back to some of those games.


metallicorphan said...

i have had disc tray problems within the first year..sent it back,didn't get my original 360 back

E74 last year,sent it back,took 2 weeks and again didn't get my original 360 back

got RRoD a few months ago,came back just under a week,but again not my original 360

the good thing is,that my 360 i have now was manufactured this year,so the 3 year warranty goes off that(as they never ask for proof of purchase just manufactory date),so i will be covered until 2012

i hope you remembered to take off your HDD and take out the disc takes long time for the disc to come back,that is if they are even aware of it in there,and your HDD will be wiped if that went

here in the UK,our 360's have to be shipped off to it was surprising that i got back to playing a week later

that either means the E74/RRoD issues have calmed down now,or they have upped their game

either way,sorry to hear your bad news,and no,we wont forget your name is ;)

Zak said...

That really sucks. I hope you are back by the time the next COD comes out.