Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Poll - Make new friends?

Hey, look it's a new poll. 8-) Yes, I know I haven't posted in awhile. Maybe more on that later. Until then I have a new poll for you. Here it is.

Have you ever befriended someone based on their gamer picture or avatar?

Yes, their gamer picture was hot
Yes, their avatar was hot
Yes, their gamer picture AND avatar were hot
No, I don't like making friends

So, which is it? Vote now and we'll see what the results are in a week. I promise I'll post something before then. I'm working on a whopper of an idea. It has zombies.

1 comment:

metallicorphan said...

ahh,Zombies is there anything they can't do?..why are we so fascinated by them?...i wanna see that Zombieland,looks good

as for your poll,i click no...i don't make friends in real life,so it would be hard for me to click yes on this matter