Thursday, December 3, 2009

Am I girly enough?

Am I girly enough to ask for the metallic pink DS Lite for xmas? I like the color but it just looks like I should be 8 years old with curls or pigtails in my hair and an old Barbie in my pocket when I look at it.

On the other hand am I "mature" enough for the more adult looking metallic blue/onyx color? I also like that one. But I don't want to settle.

Not that I'll get either of them, but what do you think?


Zak said...

you should pick the color you like best.

Anonymous said...

Without seeing a picture of you naked covered in canola oil, I have no way of answering that question.

HELLL Weasell

metallicorphan said...

you are girlie enough for this Metallic


Pengwenn said...

Zak, I'm a girl, I can't decide which one I like best.

Weasell, could we make it extra virgin olive oil? I'm trying to watch my cholesterol.

Oh, I never thought about the color "orphan". I think I might have to check it out, fondle it and see if I can turn it on . . . repeatedly before I commit to just one color. ;)

A Rose By Any Other Name. said...

I am somewhat of a gamer myself. I am quite girly though.

I would say, if you like the pink, get the pink! Don't worry people might judge you!