Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Poll - Spare time and Best Multi-player

TWO POLLS! Two for the price of one. Because I'm lazy and generous all at the same time.

Poll #1

If all your gaming equipment was stolen what would you do with all your new free time?

Immediately buy new systems/games and keep playing
Curl up in the fetal position and cry like a baby
Knit all my friends beanie hats for Christmas
Learn how to read a book again
Introduce myself to my family again
Investigate this thing they call sunshine

Poll #2
What is the best multi-player game(s) ever?

Halo series
Star Wars Battlefront series
Call of Duty series
Gears of War series
Counter Strike

You have until just after Christmas to vote in both polls.


Zak said...

Man, if my stuff disappeared, I have no idea what I would do. I know my wife will go nuts.

Pogue Moran said...

Okay winchester I know you're roaming around here and we both know you voted for the gay halo series.

Pengwenn said...

I think Zak might have voted for Halo. I could be wrong through. Besides, I don't think winchester reads my blog. Of course, you coldn't have voted for Halo. You just might be a closet Halo lover. I'll be sure to tell the guys.

Zak said...

Yes, it was me who voted for Halo. That was the first game I got for my old xbox, actually, the only game I had until Halo 2 came out and then when I discovered the online multi-player, I was hooked. We used to play until 2am and I had to work the next day at 6 am. I can't wait until next year for Halo Reach :)