Friday, January 22, 2010

New Poll - What game are you most excited for?

Okay, so most of you didn't vote in the last poll so I'm going to make this one easier. I hope.

What game are you most excited for?

Mas Effect 2
BioShock 2

They both come out relatively soon so I know you've got one (or maybe both of them) on your radar. If you could pick only one which would it be?


Anonymous said...

Mass Effect 2. Hands down. Loved the first one. Bought all the DLC for it. Can't wait for the next one. All other games go on hold when it comes out.

For the record, I have both pre-ordered. But I will not start the Bioshock 2 campaign until Mass Effect 2 is done at least once.

I'm not 100% sold on the Bioshock multi-player. Looks like it might be entertaining for 2 or 3 days, but I don't see the staying power of games like Gears or MW2. I'm more interested in Aliens vs. Predator coming out mid February.


metallicorphan said...

pretty much what Hell Weasel said(that is Hell Weasel right?)

i will be getting Bioshock 2 at some point,but i am in no rush for it,i am more excited for Alien Vs Predator

but yeah,Mass Effect 2 trumps them all

i already have some Mass Effect 2 DLC waiting

*waits for people to say 'how have you got DLC for the game already?'

i refer to the Blood Dragon Armour i got with Dragon Age that can be used in Mass Effect 2 ;)

Pengwenn said...

Yep, that's Weasel. I'm with you on the Bioshock multiplayer. I'm curious about it and I hope they don't have too many achievements tied to the online stuff just in case it sucks.

I'm still playing Mass Effect. Dain's letting me borrow his disk until I get my games back. My overall impression is there are a lot of elevator rides in the game.

I'm a little worried about my Dragon Armour. I used the code to download all that stuff with Dragon Age but then lost the game. I hope I can redownload it again before the game comes out.

:( And since I haven't finished playing the first Mass Effect I won't be playing the second one right away. Nobody spoil anything for me okay. :(

metallicorphan said...

oh,so you haven't seen Shephard get Anal Probed yet at the end of the game...whoops

i think you should be fine with the Blood Dragon armour,it should be in your download history in your profile,where you can download it again...should be anyway

Anonymous said...

I saw that too. Made my butt cheeks clench up.


Pengwenn said...

And I thought you were just uptight naturally.