Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year - New Gaming Goals?

I'm not specifically setting "New Years Resolutions" as I've mentioned before but this time of year has made me look at what some of my Gaming Goals are . . . I mean were. Since the burglary 5 out of my 10 Gaming Goals are now unobtainable. Isn't that nice.

Those goals were 1) finish Final Fantasy VII, 2) All achievements in both Lego Star Wars games, 3) Finish Lost Odyssey, 4) Finish Insane mode with Evil Ric on Gears of War (he sold his game back - how rude) and 5) play Final Fantasy X-2 along with metallicorphan (is he even playing it?). I can't do anything about working on those goals because I don't have the games or systems to play them on. And who knows when that problem will be fixed.

One of those goals on my list was achieved and replaced by a similar goal. I achieved a gamer score of 11,111 and replaced that goal with a new goal to achieve a gamer score of 12,345. Unfortunately I got to a point where I needed an achievement ending in either a 3 or an 8 to get my number just right. The only achievement I had available to me to do that was the "Dupliclone Dash" in Cloning Clyde. It is worth 18 points. The achievement is to finish levels 1-24 and 10 challenge levels under the goal time. Yeah right.

While I think that game is hilarious and fun to play there is no way I was going to be able to get that achievement without going over the goal of 12,345 while playing other games. I have problems with sheep. They're not meant to be ridden. And you're not meant to turn into one. Maybe, eventually, I'll figure out how to play those levels but I realized, with 48 more points to go, that getting my gamer score to exactly 12,345 wasn't going to happen. I put that in my rear view mirror and played on. You live and learn.

There was one goal on my list that I achieved thanks to Kralon. It was to get one of your bankrolls up to $100,000 in Texas Hold 'em. I was almost there a long time ago before they reset the leaderboards and thus your multiplayer bankrolls. I think I was somewhere around $80-90,000. So close and yet so far. When I got that goal I totally forgot it was on my list so I never got around to crossing it off and replacing it was something else.

Some goals are still currently obtainable. And those that are currently on "hiatus" I'm going to have to think long and hard about putting them back on the list when I get my insurance claim straightened out. Games like the two Lego Star Wars. In order for me to get all the achievements I'm going to have to go back and replay all story levels, free play levels, and most of the challenge levels (I was up to RotJ ewok level minus all flight levels). In addition to unlocking all characters, ships, extras and hints. And then I could finish the challenge levels I hadn't done the first time and those special extra levels for each movie and the Lego City and battle arenas. I was so close to finishing the game that I'm not sure I want to put all that time and effort into it again just to get to where I was before I lost my game save.

And then there was Lost Odyssey. If you ever hear me talking about "the one that got away" it will be this game. I've lamented in the past about how many times I've restarted games even when I didn't have to. Lost Odyssey would have been the first game (of any genre) that I started AND finished all in one play through. No restarting for this one. Until the burglary. I was on disk 4 when I lost the game. All areas were open to me and I think I only had one more door/magic seal for Tolten to touch to restore his royal heritage or whatever. After making it through the temple (with your party split in two) I was spending my time going back through older areas to finish side quests and find missing dreams. I had just over 100 hours in that game. Now it is all gone. Do I really want to play those 100 hours all over again just to get to where I left off? Is it worth it when there are so many other new games out there that I would love to try out? I just don't know any more.

I will keep my Gaming Goal to finish Final Fantasy VII. I kind of have to even though I don't have the game anymore. I have a pact with dain about that one (not that I think he's working on his game at the moment). But Evil no longer owns Gears of War and we were half way through the game on insane, do we really want to replay all those earlier levels just to get back to where we left off (even if he is willing to rent it one weekend to play with me)? And I haven't checked in with mettalicorphan on his progress in FF X-2. I just don't see the point any more.

And that's what I hate most about the burglary.

It's not the smashed door. That was fixed. Or the lost items. Those will be replaced . . . eventually. It's all those game saves I lost. All that time and effort for nothing. It wasn't wasted at the time, but now it seems like it was. I have glorious memories of finally beating a tough boss in a fight after trying 6 or 7 times. Or a touching moment in a game when something critical was reveal and a piece of the puzzle fell into place. Game save gone. Memory useless.

If I replay those battles or moments in the story it just won't be the same. I want to pick up where I left off not have to drudge through battles and cut scenes I've already seen or played. And I had so many games that I was in the middle of playing that there was never going to be enough time to play what I already had, let alone work on the games I owned that I hadn't yet played. Especially with great new games coming out.

Maybe when/if I ever get things settled with the insurance company I'll take a week off of work and do nothing but play video games. Will I be caught up then? Not a chance. And that's no even addressing the decision of which game do I start playing first. Right now I want to play them all. At the same time. I miss my games.

Until I know what is happening with my claim I don't think I'll be making any more new Gaming Goals, even to replace the ones I've already finished. But there is one I can keep working on no matter how many (or how few) systems and games I actually own and/or play. That is to post a new blog entry three times a week. I'll really work on that one going forward. Even if I don't have any games to talk about. After all it is "Life of a Gamer Girl" and there's more to life than video games.

Ha Ha!

Yeah, I didn't think so either.


metallicorphan said...

after me nearly destroying my PS3 after Seymore near the end of FF10 kicked the ever loving shit outta my party...i have vowed never to return to the world of FFX...i hate it to bits(and waaaaay to religious!!!)...and i have no desire to play FF10-2 if i didn't get to the end of FF10..they will stay on my shelf until the unearth the tomb that is my home in the year 3245

i am replaying Lost Odyssey now as Orphanusa,,i am in the spirit temple where the party splits in two as you say..just broke 50 hrs and everyone is level 52

for gaming goals this year,i guess i could say to break the 50k barrier in the achievement score,that will happen sometime in the middle of February if i can somehow afford Mass Effect2,Bioshock 2 and alien Vs Predator(getting on average 500 points from each)...but with me still unemployed,i am guessing one of the games may have to take a back seat until later..who knows

FF7 and 9 are the best FFs IMO,FF7 is worth beating because it has so many spin off movies and games(Advent Children should be out on Blu-Ray soon)

oh another goal is to finish Silent Hill Homecoming..great game but it takes all my ammo to down a bad guy(or girl)

Pengwenn said...

Long live Vivi!!!!

I LOVE FF9. I think I was on disk 3 when that one got stolen. I LOVE the mini game (Tetra Master?) in that game. I could sit and play that game for hours (even though I still don't fully understand how it all works). And I can still vividly remember playing the point in the game where you have to run around the city battling monsters in a tournament against Freya (before she joins your party). I played through that area several times having different characters win because I wanted to see what they'd get and how it effected things.

And I WILL impress the queen when I play it again.

Great now I want to go out and buy a cheap PS1 and just this game (even though ins co. will replace it) and a memory card and play it. I miss my games. :(

metallicorphan said...

i think its the festival of the hunt when you go around the city killing animals

i have finished the game twice already,i just love that FF

the learning different skills is pretty easy and straight forward on FF9,you equip something that will give you a power and when you have earned enough Skill Points,you have learnt it for good and you can then unequip the accessory and equip something else,but you can go into the other skills screen and select the skill you learned so that its on(like anti petrify)

its not that different actually from Lost Odyssey..and Hiranobu Sakaguchi(main Final Fantasy guy who left Square to set up Mistwalker who did Lost Odyssey)had said that Final Fantasy 9 was his favourite

Tetra Master i like,and is prolly the best mini game of them all(i hated Blitzball)...even though i don't understand all the card games rules

Pengwenn said...

Once I got the hang of Blitzball I loved it, but it has a steep learning curve.

I just read an article that compared all the mini-games from all Final Fantasy games and they said Tetra Master was the worst one. Eh? I could (and did) just play Tetra Master and Passik (from Knights of the Old Republic) for hours on end. I love those games.