Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Poll - Spoiler Alert!

Here's the newest poll:

How soon can you give away spoilers in a game after it's come out?

2 weeks
1 month
2 months
6 months
1 year
You should never give away spoilers

Now go vote.


Anonymous said...

Ok , so i know you must of voted never . . . hahah . . . but come on. One month is fair. Think of it as a trade in value. The value of the game goes away in time as well as the ending.


p.s.I am surprised that you did not get something up about gears yet? see you soon!

metallicorphan said...

i think big end of game spoilers should never be uttered unless you are in a specific thread,like we do at Pogues Place with Mass Effect 2 for example

but spoilers that aren't game killers,i suppose wouldn't be too bad so i voted for 1 month after release

Pengwenn said...

Notice how I didn't make 2 HOURS an option? I'm sure some people would take advantage of that.

I agree that big spoilers should not be told AT ANY TIME but how does someone who hasn't played through the game yet know if what they're hearing is a big spoiler or a minor one?