Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Poll - One week to live...what story do you play?

Here's my new poll.

You have 1 week to live. What game do you play for the story?

Modern Warfare 2
Gears of War 2
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Bioshock 2
Mass Effect

Okay, the doc tells you that you have less than one week to live. You only have time to play one video game before "game over" becomes permanent. Of those choices listed what game do you play FOR THE STORY! Yes, I know you like the multiplayer options on a couple of those games, but do you really want to spend the last week of your life listening to those idiots on Xbox Live? And what's the point of ranking up or moving up the leaderboards if someone is going to replace you once you kick the bucket? And yes, there's a reason why Mass Effect 2 isn't listed (as well as Assassin's Creed 1 or 2) but I'll get into that when the poll results are posted.


metallicorphan said...

i could finish all them in a that allowed?

Modern Warfare 2,single player was 10x better than MW1...but only an hour or so more,finished it in 6 and a half hrs i think

Borderlands was great,story was so-so(10-12 hrs)

Gears of War 2 like MW2,the story was 10x better(can't remember how long,but i had it for 2 days and traded it for i think Fallout 3)

Batman was just a good ol' ride
(yup,still short)

Bioshock 2 was,i would say on par with the original(can't remember how long it took to finish)

Mass Effect was good,but i liked ME2 better(30+hrs)

if i could only play one game,and i had a week to live,it depends on how you look at it,do you spend as little time in front of the 360 as possible so you can go out and sexually assault Minnie Mouse at Disney world(just one of the things on my list before i croak)...or do you spend as much time as poss?

Mass Effect if you want to spend a few days playing...Batman if not,you will love Batman so much the time will fly anyway

and after you have finished Batman,and you are about to breath your last breath...i will whisper about the sequel into your ear

::insert evil face here::

i voted Batman,but not sure it took my vote,as after i voted it then showed me all the percentages for each but they were all at 0%

metallicorphan said...

nevermind the vote HAS been counted

Pengwenn said...

I don't know orphie, I only see a vote for Bioshock 2.

And why is it always Minnie Mouse? Why not Daisy Duck? What's wrong with her?

When I went to Disney World in Orlando I told everybody that all I wanted to do was jump . . . I mean take my picture with Goofy.

metallicorphan said...

yeah i only see Bioshock 2,2 votes now...nevermind,if that was me,which i am sure it wasn't...that was a good game also

and why do i choose MM? ..because i have spent all my life watching Donald Duck Cartoons and have already been staring at Daisy's thatched area for all my years as she wears no least Minnie teases you with her frilly Knickers...grrr,the kinky bitch!!

now you tell me which one i should choose

hint,i cheated with the MM pic :p

and woah,you fancied Goofy? one was even sure what that god damned thing was(until 'Stand By Me' told me he was a Dawg..not a Dog like Pluto)..everyone presumed it was an experiment gone wrong in the bowels of Cinderella's Castle in Disney World

i could understand you avoiding Donald,he has a temper and you could pretty much know that he beats on Daisy...i mean have you seen what just Two Chipmunks can do to his rage? :)

Sean said...

Bioshock 2. If for no other reason than it has a good story backing it, unlike all of those other games listed. Batman is an awesome game, but come on. No real story necessary for that game to be great.

Honestly, I'd probably just play Battlefield Bad Company 2.

P.S. my word verification was fragness.

Pengwenn said...

Okay orphie, but can you picture your 'chick' wearing what Daisy Duck wears (and only what she wears)? I'd bet your choice would change with her in a bolera top and pumps and nothing else.

I just wanted to tell everyone "I got Goofy" when I got back from Disney World. If I really had to pick a favorite it would be Pluto. But I'm more a muppet person than a Mickey mouse type person.

Pengwenn said...

Welcome Sean. I tried the demo of the first Battlefield: Bad Company and I couldn't see anything. I have bad eyes, but when you can't see anyone shoting at you and you die or you can't find anyone to shot . . . and then you die, it's not a very fun game. I've redownloaded the demo for that game (there is no demo for #2) and I'll give it another shot . . . so to speak.

metallicorphan said...

did you not play Battlefield 1943 Penny?

and yeah the demo for BFBC2 finished on the 25th Feb...they took down the server for the first BFBC demo ages ago as well,so i don't think you will be able to get into that either

i know how you feel with that though Penny,they were my thoughts with the Battlefield franchise at first as well when i bought Battlefield:Modern Combat,but you get used to using your maps to where the bullets come from,when you spot them(or someone else does),they then get a big red marker above their head,and also show up on your mini map as well then

funny,as i was a massive COD fan when i tried BF for the first i love BF,and pretty much fell out of love with COD

also-if my 'chick' wore just what Daisy wore..would there really be any point in wearing a top?(which would be my question to her)