Friday, April 16, 2010

Sleeping with the fishes

So yesterday I thought I'd pull out the old Xbox (original version) and play some games the way they were meant to be played. Unfortunately things didn't turn out that way.

It started with the fact that I couldn't connect to Xbox Live at all from my original Xbox. I knew they were stopping games on the 15th but I thought there were still games out there you could play online. Maybe the servers were full. I tested my connection and it failed at the Xbox Live stage so my system was okay (although a little dusty).

So I couldn't play online but I could still play games right? First I had to disconnect the Ethernet cords so I wouldn't get the online error message every time I changed games. And I changed them a lot.

I've been replacing all my games since the break in but I've been testing the original Xbox games out on my 360. Most of them can play on the newer system. Some of them can't. So I started to test those games. Unfortunately some of them were getting disk read errors. Yeah me. I'd put a disk in and it wouldn't load at all. Or I would get through the title screen only to start the actual gameplay and find the game freeze up before getting a disk error.

I put all those disks aside with the note to find their case and maybe try to replace them . . . again. What I found interesting was that some games that played on my 360 were having problems on my Xbox. And sometimes it would have problems the first time but the second time I put it in it would work fine. There were even some that had issued on the 360 that played just fine on the Xbox. I think I'll have to do more testing before I start replacing games a second time.

I ended up with six possible replacements. And four duplicates.

Yes, when replacing games I actually replaced some of them more than once. I didn't really have a good system to keep track of items I was bidding on in ebay vs. items I had won, paid for and received. Throw in the fact that I had to bid on 7 or 8 different auctions in order to win some games and you can see why I might have been confused.

Some of those duplicate games I already have. Others I'm waiting to receive in the mail. I figure I might just sell them to GameStop and use the store credit to pick up some of the last games on my list or maybe some new ones (I've picked up a couple new games in the process, but more on that later).

There is a duplicate game that I might give to a friend if he ever comes back online. It's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. I've been dying to play that game (and the original one) but all of my friends have sold their copies back a long time ago. I'd give it to any one of them if they would play with me but one of them might need the help financially more than the others.

I know I won't get much store credit for old Xbox games but I just don't understand why people would sell back good games (besides the duplicate issue I'm having). If you really don't need the money for something why not keep it and enjoy it for years to come?

Don't get me wrong, I do know what it's like to need money. I had a job a long time ago that was really hard to even live pay check to pay check. I've pawned items to make it to pay day (and then got those items back). One month it would be the Tv, the next month the stereo, etc. I lived off of Ramen noodles and sometimes hot dogs (sans bun because I couldn't afford 'em) or potatoes. Maybe that experience has taught me to cherish and keep the things that make me happy and entertain me instead of toss them to the wind as my fancy strikes me. But now the original Xbox is dead.

So after three hours of testing games and trying to get online on my original Xbox I went to bed wondering if the Xbox has gone the way of the Dodo bird. Is it extinct? Will you ever be able to connect to Xbox Live on your original system again? Is there any games left that you can play online? I don't know. It was late. I was tired. I went to bed. While my sleep was refreshing for me I couldn't help but think the original Xbox experience is now "sleeping with the fishes". May it rest in peace.


metallicorphan said...

nope,you will never be able to connect to XBL again with the Xbox 1...f'kin' stinks don't it?

i hope you downloaded the DLC for KOTOR1(Yavin station-no matter how pants it was),as you wont be able to get that now

and of course,you wont be able to connect to XBL on the 360 using Xbox 1 games...although i am guessing you can still play them offline on the 360,i hope so or my Fable 1,Burnout 3,Fahrenheit and Ninja Gaiden Black that i downloaded would be buggered

your experiences at being skint,and eating shitty foods are exactly what i am going through right now,so gaming has taken a massive cut,i have been playing fallout 3 on my other tag for the last few weeks and haven't even really played any 360 games online on 'metallicorphan'

Alan Wake is out soon,and with DLC that comes with the game,it looks like that gets the upper hand when it comes to that and Red Dead Redemption the same week,i will have to get RDR later....and yes,in order for me to get Alan Wake,something will have to give so i don't have to fork over the full may very well be Battlefield Bad Company 2,i like the game but i have my 1000/1000 for now,and hopefully when i am off my arse i can rebuy that game

as for original Xbox games i managed to buy a few gems before a shop closed near us that sold them all cheap

Jurassic Park:operation Genesis,
KOTOR 1 and 2,The Simpsons Hit and Run,Project Zero(wont play on 360)..i think you guys know that as Fatal Frame,Morrowind(i want the GOTY edition though)Shenmue II,Silent Hill 4,Metal Gear Solid 2(which wont play on 360)Futurama,GTA3,VC and SA..and red dead revolver,Halo 1 and 2...along with SWBF1 and 2 which i already had and kept

and that's it,apart from the ones i downloaded from Xbox originals on the 360

i did have a chipped Xbox1(sister has it now),and somewhere i still have over 200 games...i got caught and had to buy a new xbox 1

Zenra Nukenin said...

I keep all of my games, so if you see them on my list (including both RB6: Vegas games), I can play them with you. Just ask.

Pengwenn said...

I feel for you orphan. It's not a good time if you have to go through that. I know. I hope things work out better for you.

Zen, since you're in hiding I never know when you're on. If you get on and see me on shot me a message asking if I want to play something. I'm not going to be playing MW2 for awhile, because I need a break, so I'll be up for anything. And don't forget Arcade games too.