Monday, April 19, 2010

The Xbox Live Experience (in poetic form)

To prove that I don't call myself Pengwenn for nothing, here's a very rough poem for your enjoyment. And no, I don't think I'll get the Noble Prize for Literature based on this.

The Xbox Live Experience

A disembodied voice in my head
Pompously said he’ll see me dead
But I was there to have some fun
So I took out my sniper gun

I picked a spot and waited there
Safely hidden, without a care
But an enemy came running fast
Before I knew it I was stabbed in the back

I hit the button to respawn in the game
My weapon choice remained the same
But before I could sight and make a kill
I got shot from the sniper hill

One more time, I’ll try again
Although this life might be in vain
And like before I was dead
This time by a shot to the head

But never fear, I don’t give up
I’m not some poor noobie schlup
I’ll change my gun and jump back in
This time I will play to win

With my SCAR I ran around
Shooting everything I found
It happened once I found some one
I shot them dead, now that was fun

But I didn’t see the guy behind
With a flash grenade I was blind
And once again I was dead
(Is it time to go to bed?)

Now I’ll run and I would knife
Surely I’ll have a longer life
And so I ran around really fast
I didn’t want my score to be last

I used my knife, I got some kills
I rediscovered those gaming thrills
Of having fun and doing well
Where teamwork starts to really gel

We made a push to come from behind
Our winning fate was intertwined
With other’s skills, but not my own
Because I was always getting “pwned”

The game was over, our scores revealed
Our stats recorded, our numbers sealed
My kill death ratio (a sadly state)
My number was below point eight

I got some deaths, I got some kills
But most other players had better skills
And in the end I DID have fun
But there's nothing to fear from this girl with a gun


metallicorphan said...

good stuff,you should send it in to Inside Xbox,they could devote a dashboard tile to you,like they do here in the UK(Monday Musings i think its called)

metallicorphan said...

huh,i was signed in with the wrong account...i don't remember having a Google email,i usually use this one(Hotmail)

Anonymous said...

Know any dirty limericks?


Pengwenn said...

There once was a Weasell from Canada
Who had an attraction to bananas
He bought one one day
And used it in a way
That got him deported to Montana

Anonymous said...

That hurts, Pengwenn.

The limerick I mean, not the banana.

And what the hell kind of sick people live in Montana?!?!?!


Pengwenn said...

You try to find words that rhyme with Canada/Banana.