Friday, October 29, 2010

Poll Results - Tell me what to play

When I did my blog post for this poll I said if I don't get more than 6 votes I had the right to throw the results out the window and do my own thing . . . unfortunately for me I voted at the last minute and that put the total to 7 votes. So, yes master, I will get to playing the winner, master. Don't beat me master.

And the winner is.....

Which game should I play so I can play the sequel?

Assassin's Creed = 1 vote
Dead Space = 1 vote
Fallout 3 = 1 vote
Mass Effect = 3 votes
Force Unleashed = 1 vote
Marvel Ultimate Alliance = 0 votes
Dragon Age: Origins = 0 votes

Okay, my vote was for Dead Space. That is a sleeper hit that I don't think gets enough attention. When I was checking the poll and found no one voted for it I was sad, so I voted for it. And that is why I have to do your bidding for awhile. What I've played of this game I really like. It scares the hell out of me, but that's a good thing. I can't tell you how many times I've come across a dead body on the floor and spent some time pummeling it into mince meat even long after there was any possibility of the corpse rising up and attacking me. Better to be safe than sorry in that game.

I'm not surprised Marvel and Dragon Age didn't get any votes based on the competition. I'm a little surprised that some of you didn't consider Marvel. I don't know much but I think the story in the second one is a continuation of the first. So if you haven't played the first you won't really understand what's going on in the second. All the more reason to play the first one if you ask me. But I understand the popularity of the other games and I know my friends are tired of not talking about them in front of me.

I do know about the story in Force Unleashed and that it's best to play the first one before playing the sequel. But I guess that game didn't get more votes because the sequel wasn't out until recently so no one knew if it was worth playing. Of course that didn't stop me from buying the sequel. I'll just have to wait to play it until I've played the first one.

I also thought Assassin's Creed would get more votes partly because everyone says the second one is better than the first one. But on the other hand, as far as I know, you don't really need to play through the first one to fully understand what is going on in the second one. Sure, it might help, but it's not necessary.

I expected it to be a dead heat between Fallout 3 and Mass Effect. I know how much time my friends invested in those games so I know they really liked them. I also know that those two games are the ones that they're dying to talk about but I won't let them. I don't mind hearing little things like "you'll have to go to this place and do that" type of stuff. What I don't like is someone blurting out that "your dog dies" in Fable 2. That's a major spoiler to the story. And a central point in your progression of your character. Don't give that information away to someone who hasn't played the game.

There's been too many times when I've been asked to turn down my headset or unplug my mic so my friends can talk about a game. Just last night, while in a room with some friends all playing Fable 3, one of them said I could be in the room if I wanted to but I would probably hear things I wouldn't want to because they were not going to be quiet about it. I stayed and whenever things started to go in the direction of what might be spoilers I just tuned them out and concentrated more on my game than to what they were saying. I was surprised at how well that turned out. I heard some things but since I was concentrating on my game at the moment what they said didn't really sink in. I'm sure when I get to those points in the story things might come back to me but until then I'm safe.

I'm really not surprised Mass Effect got most of the votes. Since you can import your character from the first game into the second one it makes sense that the first one should be played, well, first. You don't have to do that. I know some people, that once they finished the first game they deleted their game save to make room for other games. I also know people that went back and played the first game (for the fourth or fifth time) just so they could have a game save to carry over to the sequel. And the same thing will apply when Mass Effect 3 comes out.

So, since the majority voted for Mass Effect that will be the game that I'll be playing when I'm not getting some multiplayer action with my friends. I have to say I'm not sorry it's that game even though I am daunted by the scope of the game. I know how long it took some of them to play it. And I'll want to play it good. Then I'll want to play it bad. Then I'll want to play it to save this person. Then that person. Make out with this person. Then that person. You get the idea. Now you know why some people have played it multiple times. And that's not counting any difficulty changes.

Now that you've told me what to play, I'm wondering when I get to tell YOU what to play. I've got a new whip that I can't wait to start cracking. Any volunteers?


metallicorphan said...

WTF???...the dog dies in Fable 2???..damn you penny,damn you to hell!!

only joking,as i already knew..FWIW you can bring it back with the Knothole Island DLC and also change its breed,my dog in Fable 2 is a Dalmatian right now....still not picked up Fable 3

Mass Effect 1 and 2 are great games,but i am thinking that when Mass Effect 2 comes out for the PS3,then a GOTY type edition will be released for the 360 with all the DLC,which seems to be a popular thing to do nowadays,wouldn't surprise me anyway

Helll Weasell said...

The way I understand it, Marvel II is based on a "civil war" (documented within various Marvel comic books, as I understand it) within the Marvel universe where the government is calling for mutants/heroes to register with the government. Some are for it and some are not. You have to choose a side, which means that to see the whole story the game should be played through twice - once on each team.

I haven't finished playing Dead Space, but I really enjoyed what I had played up to that point. Not sure about how the story moves into the second game.

I'm playing SW:TFU II right now, and it's fun. The dual-wielding sabers is cool, as are some new force powers. The story does continue into the next one, but not to the extent that Mass Effect does. You should play the first one before the second one, though.

The problem is that a lot of these games have been out for years now. You're SOOOOOOOO far behind in playing some of them that it's getting to the point that no one can talk about anything but the weather. If no one can talk about them until you've played them, they may never be able to talk about them. You have to cut a little slack.

Pengwenn said...

Weasell, the weather is off limits too. I want that to be a surprise every morning when I wake up. :)

I know I'm wwwwaaaaayyyyyy behind the rest of you guys when playing games. I just have no will power to say no to invites to play multiplayer games which means I never get any time playing the single player ones. One of these days I'm going to take a week off of work and do nothing but play video games by myself. I think I could finish at least one game then.

Zenra Nukenin said...

I just got finished with "a week off of work" and I'm still playing Red Dead Redemption!