Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finding Yuffie and an f-ing bird

I know some people don't like Yuffie (and Cat Sith) in Final Fantasy VII but I don't have a problem with either of them.   Or Jar Jar Binks, but that's a topic for another post.  I've recruit her twice before in other saves so I thought I could do the same in this #finalFF7restart.  Unfortunately I was wrong.

I played it cool and ignored her all the way to the end.  But I wasn't suppose to go that far.  When she threatens to leave you're suppose to say "Hey wait" or something and she'll come back.  After talking to her one or two more times she'll agree to join your party.  But since I blew her off the whole time I didn't get that option.

I spent a half hour just wandering around one forest to another trying to encounter her again and I couldn't.  I don't know if you only get one shot at finding her this way (yes, I know you can pick her up later but I don't want to wait).  I was 15,000 coins richer, but I still hadn't run into her again in a battle.

I really would like to get her early.  Her's and Red XIII's top limits breaks are the only ones I know how to get.  Unfortunately I've never gotten their limits up to that level in order to equipment them.  This time it was going to be different.  I was going to recruit them, use them, and get their limit breaks maxed out early on.  And now I might have screwed that up.

I've found that the best way to increase your limit levels is to equip the "Cover" materia.  Let that character take all the damage and have his/her limit fill up.  Use it.  And repeat.  I was able to max out Aries limits level very early in the game during my last/lost save.  Unfortunately I didn't have access to her last limit level.  I've already gotten Tifa's levels up higher than last time and Barret's not far behind.

Of course if I can't find Yuffie again the only thing left for me to do is go to Fort Condor and I HATE!!!!!! that part of the game.  I just don't get it and I always barely squeak through that "mission".  My brother dain, on the other hand, has to problems whipping through that part and he's great at it.  Even with him coaching me it's a struggle.

I think I'll try running around some more to see if I can find her again, if not wish me luck at the bird base.  Who knows, after that gaming session I might have a "bird" of my own I could show the game.


metallicorphan said...

as soon as i got through the first caves after getting your first chocobo,i just went straight to the woods before going to Fort Condor and got Yuffie

Yuffie:"You Spikey Headed Jerk,One more time,let's go one more time

You:Not Interested

Yuffie:your pretty scared of me,huh?


Yuffie: I'm really gonna leave,Really!!

You: Wait a Second!

Yuffie:you want me to go with you?

You: that's right

Yuffie:All right i'll go with you

You: lets hurry on

metallicorphan said...

I usually always played Cloud,Barret and Tifa,as much as i can,the other guys all level up still,but are a few levels behind

The Yuffie Pangoda 5 tier challenge in Wutai was for some reason amazingly easy this time round,even though i had hardly used her(i just dumped a shitload of magic on her)

If there is anyway i can help with anything Penny,just send me a tweet if you want

I still have the bradygames guide,for all the secrets etc

metallicorphan said...

oh as for Fort Condor game(which where you are you will just play the first part),just make sure you have a shitload of money when you enter the battle,and keep buying new characters(soldiers,fighters etc) when they die,very easy and no challenge needed at all if you have the money...the enemy never gets past half way if you keep on top of buying players and moving them into battle

as for your Jar Jar comment......you disgust me!!!

Pengwenn said...

I have the guide . . . I'm just trying not to use it this time because I've played it so many times before.

I went to Fort Condor with 30,000 coins and gave all it could. I don't know how to add guys after you start. Someone sneaked through to the top and I had to fight them. I guess I didn't cover one path up very well. :(

I now how to do the dolphin flip and I hate trying to get in the exact position to make that happen (but not as much as the Fort). Then there's the parade, also annoying. This is the part of game I hate the most. If I can make it through the Gold Saucer I'm good.

metallicorphan said...
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metallicorphan said...

Played the game a dozen times and i have not done the parade correctly yet..that is trying to blend in with the sections of soldiers marching past,everytime i try he just shrugs and then runs back

I gave all my money to the guy at Fort Condor,which meant i lost it all,i should of just started the mini game and then buy the characters from there..but yeah,i just made sure i had a shitload of money and then when one died,i just replaced him,nothing to it at all(you can only do one phase at first,and then later you do it again to get the Summon Materia or massive materia,can't remember now)

adding the soldiers after the start,i have no idea how you do...maybe click on an empty section of land when one of your guys have died(you can't buy any if you have the full 20 soldiers)

It can be a bit of a juggle to 'move' 'attack' your current soldiers,with buying new characters,but just cover the paths with all fighters(no other types are needed),and keep an eye on your soldier number