Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NEW POLL! - How much of a game do you finish?

Surprise! Surprise!  I have a new poll.  It's brought on by something someone said here combined with something someone else said . . . well, elsewhere, of course.  It's been up for awhile but I forgot to do a post telling you about it.  Anyway, so here it is:

How much of a game do you finish?

I play out everything 100%
I play to get to the end credits, nothing more
I play until I can't beat a boss/challenge
I play as long as I like the game
You have until 5/16 to vote.  Please do.


metallicorphan said...

end credits for me,i sometimes go for something else if its Achievement connected or it gives a different outcome but that's about it

Don't get me wrong,there are games where i do go for 100%(Bully,Bioshock,Fallout 3 etc)but its usually 'end credits' more often for me

Zenra Nukenin said...

I could only muster 99% in Bully (or maybe it was more like 98.75%), and I never figured out what that final piece was that I was missing. And since my gamesave was stolen with my 360, I would have to play the whole game over again. That's not going to happen.

If I had gotten here in time, I would have voted for "as long as I like the game".