Sunday, October 20, 2013

Technical Difficulties . . . please stand by

No I haven't fallen off the face of the planet.  I've just been having technical difficulties with my blog of late.  And this time it's not a "carbon based error".

It seems that Blogger only supports the most current version of Internet Explorer and the version just before that.  Which means if you're using IE 8 (which I am on all my computers) you can add format your posts, add pictures and do other stuff you're use to doing.  Luckily I have Google Chrome on my laptop as well as IE8 but I'm not use to using my laptop and and I've been sharing it with a friend so I don't always have access to it when I want.

I really like to type my posts up on my work computer after I've logged out of work for the day.  After staring at a computer screen all day, as soon as I turn the computer off the last thing I'm thinking about is turning another one and getting online.  The last post I typed on my work computer and saved as a draft.  I had to go in and change the formating to make it acceptable to post.  I hope I fixed everything.  I also hate typing on my laptop's keyboard.

The only way I think of to get around this problem is to upgrade my IE or to change my blog.  Since I always seem to have problems when I upgrade anything I'm not all that excited to rush out and do that.

What I have been thinking about a lot lately is moving my blog to WordPress and get my own domain name.  Instead of having the ".blogspot" part in the name it would be only "" (unless someone else has registered that name.  There is a cost involve but I don't think it would be too much to handle.

Except now my account has revert to silver because I don't have the money to comfortably renew my Xbox Live to gold at the moment.  I'm hoping to be able to go back to gold by the middle of November.  If not it might have to wait until Christmas.  It makes shopping for an xmas gift for me easy.

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