Monday, April 28, 2014

Poll Results: Which new system

Here are the results of my latest poll:

Which new system should I get with my tax refund?

PS3 = 0 votes
Wii U = 0 votes
PS4 = 2 votes
Xbox One = 0 votes

I didn't get a chance to vote in this poll because I got sidetracked by a close friend's death.  If I would have voted I would have picked the PS3.

There's a lot of games that I've wanted to get for the PS3 and I don't know that I could "cut my losses" and just jump straight ahead to the PS4.  I've been looking around trying to find the best deal since with the PS4 coming out I'm sure there would be.  Unfortunately I haven't found any deals that I like.  So I bought some other stuff instead.

I picked up a couple more "new" games to play and I've been having some fun playing them.  I got Fable Anniversary, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Diablo III.  I had to pick up some other things for the house and such so my tax refund is spent already.  I will get the PS3 . . . I just might have to budget for it for awhile before I can afford to get one.

After I get my PS3 I will be getting an Xbox One (maybe with next years refund).  After that it will probably be the PS4.  The problem right now is I really want to play Pikmin 3 and that's only out on the Wii U.  But I can't justify buying a new console to just play one game.  And I'm not sure what other games out there for the Wii U that I would be interested in.

I have been beginning to wonder recently at what point does my innocent hobby become an obsession and I have to have it all.  In the stitching world we have SABLE.  It stands for Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy.  It means we have more projects to work on than we would ever finish before we die.  At some point I'm going to have GABLE.  Games Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy.  How will I play them all?


Zenra Nukenin said...

GABLE? That's awesome! I'm gonna use that.

The nice thing about being offline is that I get to play games that I want, and not feel compelled to play something else just because my friends are playing. Even with the extra time that this allows, I still have about a dozen games that I either haven't played at all, or just for an hour or two. Definitely not to satisfaction. To make matters (much) worse; I really want to replay all of my Bethesda RPGs (Elder Scrolls III, IV, V and Fallout 3, but not New Vegas). Maybe Dragon Age: Origins too.

Zenra Nukenin said...

I actually played your little "1 minute" game (thinking of games in a minute) when I was trying to give an approximation of the games that I haven't completed to my satisfaction. My GABLE. I have recalled a few more games in my collection since then. Maybe if I compile some sort of list so I can keep track of my "goals", I would have an easier time completing them? I seem to remember that you've done that already with your brother Dain Bramage, right?

Pengwenn said...

I have an excel spreadsheet with a tab for each system listing all of my games (it made things so much easier when I was submitting my claim when my stuff got stolen). On my 360 tab I have 2 extra columns. One for my gamer score in the game and one for the total gamer score possible for the game. I recently added a percentage column after that so I can tell what percentage of achievements I've earned in the game and thus get a general idea of how complete it is. Maybe I should do a blog about what it looks like.