Monday, October 15, 2007

Out of sight, out of mind

I've been having a whole lot of problems with my connection to Xbox Live lately. I keep losing it. I log in. Things seem fine. Then BAM!!! Or should I say bleep. That little pop up comes up saying I'm "disconnected from Xbox Live." Oh really!

I've been playing a lot of Catan ranked matches and that is the worse time to be getting that message. You're blown out of the game so you don't even get credit for playing and everyone sends you bad feedback for "quiting early." Once I started having this problem I had to make sure I only played free tournaments in Texas Hold 'Em. I wouldn't want to lose my buy in because I lagged out. (Especially when I'll probably lose my bankroll when they reset the boards to get rid of cheaters again.)

My brother and I ran some tests and different set ups and it looks like it might be a router issue. I've currently got my Xbox 360 connected directly to my modem and last night it worked fine. There's only one problem with this set up; my computer is not connected to my modem when I do this.

My route is at least four years old but since it sits behind my TV I never really see it. So I never really think about it. Out of sight, out of mind. I should have figured that it might start to go south on me after all it is a piece of electronic equipment. And related to computers as well. We all know how long computer equipment lasts before it's outdated. I'm sure I'll have to replace it and hopefully that will fix the problem completely.

I was ready to give up my Xbox 360 for good. Pack it away so it never sees the light of day again. But then I remembered that Assassin's Creed comes out November 13th and I can't wait to play that game. If I packed it away I'd have to pull it out then and still have to deal with the problem. I think it's best to figure it out now so I can enjoy the game then. I'm even considering taking a day off of work to stay home and just play the game when it comes out. Maybe I'll take a day off next week just to play games.

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