Thursday, October 25, 2007

Xbox 360 Arcade console

Okay I'm really thinking about getting a backup Xbox 360. I can use it now and when (notice I didn't say IF) my brother's system crashes I'll let him borrow my backup as his back up. Isn't it just swell that we like each other?

I considered getting a Core system but I can't find any new. Then Xbox announced a new system. They call it the Xbox 360 Arcade console. At $280 it's still more than I want to pay for just a backup but I think I can live with that if it means I can play games.

It's essentially a Core with HDMI connection, 5 arcade games, a memory card, wireless controller and headset. It doesn't come with a hard drive but I haven't filled mine up yet. I would like a larger one but I can buy that separately when I get to the point when I need to. If I can find an Xbox Arcade console in the stores I might just pick one up today or tomorrow. My brother offered to let me use his system this weekend. That might be enough to tide me over for awhile but that won't last long.

I called and started my repair ticket last Thursday, but I still haven't received my coffin yet. Due to the fires in California if it's shipping that way it might take a little longer to get here (and longer to get sent back). Yet another reason to get a backup system. Maybe there's hope of me playing agian soon afterall.

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