Monday, November 10, 2008

Election Poll Conspiracy

Every election poll period as a conspiracy or two, doesn't it? Well, I think the poll currently on my blog has something going on I don't know about. When I voted it wouldn't register my vote. It took a couple of attempts before my vote registered with the final numbers. Was I casting a provisional ballot or what?

The way I knew I was having problems was I clicked the "show results" link to see what the total numbers were and then I clicked "vote on this poll", voted, and the numbers didn't change. Now I wouldn't want you to think I was casting my vote based on how everyone else was voting. My vote was going to be my vote no matter what anyone else voted for. You'll just have to wait until the poll is closed to find out what it was. But I wouldn't want you to try this for all my polls because I want your vote to count for what you really think.

So there must be some kind of glitch or problem with Blogger's polling gadgets. If you think your vote wasn't counted slip me a $20 . . . I mean feel free to double check the numbers and vote again. But no stuffing the ballot box. That's a conspiracy I could do without here. After all, in the grand scheme of things isn't this vote, and only this vote, the only thing that matters now-a-days? At least until I post the next poll for you to vote in.

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