Saturday, November 1, 2008


I now own and live in my own house. Would someone please tell me why I did all of this? Besides all the little things like garage door remotes, nonfunctioning phone jacks, dead cable outlets and improperly ordered/delivered refrigerators I now get the pleasure of spending the next thirtly years listening to my backyard neighbors blast their music on a Saturday night. Isn't that why I wanted to get out of an apartment in the first place? If I was still in an apartment and my neighbors were blasting their music that loud the whole complex would hear them. People four apartments down would be pounding on their walls to make it stop.

Like I said, can anyone tell me why I did all of this? 'Cause right now it all feels the same . . . except for my bank account. That is considerably lighter.


Kralon said...

You forgot the addition of all the utility bills that now come with home ownership like sewer and garbage that used to be taken care of through renting. Nice thing is that, now that you are a home owner, and your neighbors are blasting music too late, you are a tax paying land owner and can tell the police this when you call in a complaint.

metallicorphan said...

it will all be worth it in the end Penny...i think..i still have 17 years left on my Mortgage

knowing me,i will prolly kick the bucket the day before!!

pengwenn said...

The good news is I finally got a refund check for the first refrigerator I bought. It's nice to have money again . . . for a while anyway. Now I've just got to wait until Sunday for them to haul away the wrong refrig and deliver the right one.