Sunday, November 30, 2008

The high art of poetry

Here's a gaming limerick just for you:

A gamer once played for the thrill
Without any particular skill
She'd run and she'd shoot
and pick up the loot
All for the rush of the kill


Iron Lady said...

There once was a game called Gears
which often brings me to tears
wish I had no lag,
for then I could brag
"well I'm almost as good as Pengwenn is" ;)

pengwenn said...

Oh Lady, you're better . . . especially with the shotgun (at least in the original Gears). I still haven't figured out the shotgun in #2. Have you?

Kralon said...

Who can play Gears
and not have the fears
That when you all play
you'll say bullshit all day
and take it again in the rears.

Iron Lady said...

It's funny how people throw stones,
just to prove that they're bad to the bones,
So I kick the occasional friends,
who enjoy sexist little boy trends,
Cause then I can mute all the groans.

I'd never remove any friend because of heresay, I get annoyed by sexist comments and people behaving like an ass.

Sorry to befoul your comments section, that out of the way you kick serious ass on Gears, I get lucky when people suicide on my gun ;)