Friday, December 19, 2008

I think I can, I think I can

Okay, I only need 439 more gamer points to reach 10,000. And since it was a New Year Resolution to do it this year that means I have only 13 days left to get that 439 points. Which comes out to 33.77 points per day. So, um, if you know any easy/fast/lazy achievements I can pick up before the end of the month I would appreciate the help. And no, I won't be playing Avatar. I think I can do it without that particular game, thank you very much.


Kralon said...

Rent King Kong. It gives achievements by going through the movie scenarios and is a first person shooter. Takes an afternoon to get through half of it and you'll get 500 points.

metallicorphan said...

yeah Kralon is right about King Kong,it isnt that hard a game of the few games i have 1000/1000

also,Penny i sent you an XBL message about that new Doritos arcade game that is free on the marketplace...dash to destruction

very easy,good for free and it took me 20 minutes to get the 200 achievement points..that could help

pengwenn said...

I downloaded the game orphie but once I got to more than one TRex I started having problems. I think I've gotten 65 points out of it already.

I'm trying to work on Lost Odyssey. You get 125 points when you finish a disc and I think I'm close to finishing disc 3 (Jensen and Ming just met up with Cooke and Mack). How cloes am I orphie? If that doesn't work I got several games I haven't started yet and you can usually pick up a couple of achievements early on in a game (but usualy not for very many points).

metallicorphan said...

yeah when the second dino came in,it did start getting annoying

there is another way,where you play as the van..and you get seperate achievements for that..but then the same thing happens,two vans,but he doesnt stick around that much like the second dino

LO was a brilliant game,but i havent played it since march,since finishing it..i will look in my guide to see how far you are from the end of disc 3 and send you a XBL message

i am quietly confident that you can reach your target by the end of the year

LOL,the word Verification is 'REPAY'...seems my XBL yearly account has followed me here(its due now)

pengwenn said...

Mine comes up due Jan. 1st or 2nd I can't remember which day. Hopefully I'll get a renewal card for xmas so I don't have to pay for it.

I started as the TRex but then I started as the van. I do better as the van but I get bored faster. It seems I like smashing things up as a TRex.