Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bah Humbug!

I realized last night while getting ready for bed that I haven't wrapped my Christmas presents yet. Since I will need to deliver them tomorrow on my way home from work that gives me tonight to wrap them all. Can I tell you how much I hate wrapping presents? I'm terrible at it. Especially those gifts that are oddly shaped or have gaps in the packaging. Besides, you go through all that trouble just to have someone rip it right off anyway. They only time they notice your hard work is when you tape it up so much they can't even get into it. I've got a ton of presents to wrap tonight so who knows when I'll be able to get on and play. I only have 310 points to go and just over a week. I need all the play time I can get at this point.


metallicorphan said...

okay Lost Odyssey and the burning caves

i remember that i hated that part,especially with the green poison mist
what i can do is give you a list of the enemies and their health ,and a few other things that i think will help you

Big Guana-Beast-2940-Fire
Killer Bird-Aerial-1050-Wind
Ground Sphere-Magic-290-Earth

there are 4 sections for the burning caves,not included the crash site

in one section with the poison gasmthere is a forcea spell right in the middle

i remember when i was playing this,everytime killled/defeated the enemy i would keep running back to heal and save

not sure if this walkthru will help you

i have to adjust this because it wouldnt fit(make sure you delete the space,i just made in the link after console/)or just type in this to your search engine

also check out the videos on Youtube

type in at youtube
'lost odyssey walkthru burning caves'

that will bring you to two videos parts 1 and 2

watch the videos to look upon their health,and see if they match yours..or just to give you any tips,and direction on where you are going

Penny-the end of level monster ice magic beast

all shield for your party and all barricade

put Mack up front and use his Combo..try and keep everyone fully healed,But apparently Mack shouldnt be touched..if you keep Mack protected,it should only take 10 goes or so(so it says,i can't remember)

dont use any spells on the monster as he has a permanent reflect spell cast

keep giving Mack Powerus spells

Penny,when you have defeated the Ice monster at the end of the burning caves..you finish disc 3!!

hope some or any of this helps

pengwenn said...

I got through the caves to the save point and final boss but only because I kept fleeing every encounter. My HPs are around 700-900 for everyone but Mac. He's around 1100. I was burning through items and mana so fast in the regular encounters I was affraid I wouldn't have anything left for the boss battle so I fled. Yes, I'm a coward.

I got to the point where I just wanted out of there so I know I didn't explore everything in there. Maybe I'll go back and do the "battle around the save point then save and quit" bit so when I reload I'm full health and mana again. It was just really frustrating when one hit would knock 350 points or more from a player who only had 700-900 to begin with. Two hits and they were dead.

I have the strategy guide out by my tv but I'm trying not to use it unless I'm really stuck. By the time I got to that "really stuck" phase I just wanted out of the game. :(

I really like this game and I think I might make a push to finish the story this weekend. I still have a lot of exploring to do. Total time: around 48-49 hours.

When I'm done playing this I can't wait to get back into Blue Dragon.

Thanks for the help orphie!!!!

metallicorphan said...

i loved Blue Dragon(one of the few who did)

love that music when you are in the Hospital..god damn thats funky

some of those achievements were hard to get for me..protecting the wagon from the tigers was one of them i couldnt get