Monday, January 12, 2009

[insert censored title here]

You know, I'd really love to explain what the last few days have been like when it comes to my online gaming with my friends. In that I'm trying to keep my blog at least at a PG-13 level a full description could only look like this:

Setting: online public Gears of War 2 match

Players: Pengwenn, Genghis Khan, Evil Ric, El Sand Dog, MadMax, c5ride, Fbody, HELL Weasell, El Zaktaz, etc. (some variation of those players)

Pengwenn: I'm out. He got me from behind.

Evil Ric: So where are they now?

Pengwenn (using the kill camera to search for the enemy): Jut a sec.

El Sand Dog: [censored] They got me. [censored] [censored] [censored]

Genghis Khan: Sand Dog where were you? [censored] What the- [censored] Oh yeah [censored] Lookie at what I've got here. [censored]

c5ride: He's coming to your left Ric.

MadMax: You've got one coming up on you Ric.

Pengwenn: You've got one coming on you you from somewhere.

Evil Ric: [censored] Come here you [censored]

Genghis Khan and Evil Ric meet up with their meat shields

Evil Ric: Oh uh, uh uh.

Genghis Khan: Yeah baby!

c5ride: Hey? Am I the last one?

Genghis Khan: Ric and I are still here, but give us a minute.

Evil Ric (dropping the meat shield and getting back in the game): Okay we're done.

El Sand Dog: c5 right behind you [censored] right behind you c5 [censored] look he's right [censored] too late now.

c5ride: [censored] I hate this [censored] game.

El Sand Dog: I told you he's right behind you.

I'm sure I could have shown you more . . . or described the visuals, but like I said I want to keep a PG-13 rating. What I will say is I wonder how much longer some of them are going to have any rep left. I think they're having a contest to see who can get their rep to zero first. I know they were having a "body count" challenge last night. I can't remember who had the higher total. I will say this though, my friends might goof off at the end of the match, or in the middle if we're ahead, but they take offense if anyone on the other teams tries to do to me what they're doing to them. You kind of have to love them for that . . . in their own sick [censored] sort of way.


Zak said...

very, very good blog. that was way to funny and very real

metallicorphan said...

i was reading an article in a 360 mag that Microsoft are working on a 'Xbox Live 2.0'..thats how the mag described it

and in it it was mainly trying to filter out swearwords as soon as they are said...i am not sure how it would be able to catch the word so fast,but it would be good if they got the thing running

i dont mind hearing swear words(i say enough of them myself on COD)..but i dont like people calling each other,like N*****,slang for black people..or Fag for gay people

but then again,i am definetly fine with the swearing when its my friends...maybe there could be a switch we could turn on or off

as Bobblehead said online the other day,when it was me,Skin,Pogue and Wnchstr...that he loves it in England because we can smoke a fag and not get called gay(fag being slang here for a smoke)...we all laughed,but with that censor thing,i would of missed that yeah an option to turn the censor off would be good,if you trust the people you play with or arent offended with what they say

hey Penny say hello to the sand dog for me,not heard from him for a while :)

pengwenn said...

There are certain swear words that I don't like. The "N" word is one of them. Another (that Pogue says all the time) is pussy. There's just something about it I can't stand. When Pogue really gets into things he says that word almost every other word. I usually can't stay and play with him when he does that. If I tell him he tries really hard to NOT say it, but I think that effects his game play and then he doesn't have as much fun.

Griever said...

You like FF?

pengwenn said...

I love FF (if by FF you mean Final Fantasy). Welcome to my blog.

Griever said...

Yeah, Final Fantasy. You have an intersting blog.