Friday, January 2, 2009

Pity the failure that I am

So I didn't make it. I was 234 points away from breaking the 10,000 point barrier with my gamer score. Yet another New Years Resolution I didn't achieve. And to think I was one boss battle from picking up 125 points in Lost Odyssey. So close, and yet so far.

I not only failed at getting the score but I failed at playing Lost Odyssey. I got into an area that I couldn't handle. The regular enemy encounters were killing me . . . literally. I fled like the little coward that I am. I love that game, but it got to a point where all I wanted to do was rip the disk from the drive and chuck it out the window. Maybe this weekend I'll take some time to focus on the game and strategies to help me survive instead of rushing through it to get points. Besides, if I finish the game then I can go back to Blue Dragon.

When my attempt to get gamer points from Lost Odyssey failed I started playing Gears of War on insane. I figured if I could get achievements for finishing chapters on insane I would also get the achievements for hardcore as well. Doubling up is always nice. It didn't work out that way so the clock turned over past midnight and I was at the same gamer score I had the night before.

Now if I had spent some time playing those games earlier in the week instead of playing Gears of War 2 with my friends I might have met my goal and finally cross one resolution off my list. But you see, I like playing with my friends. As crazy and emotional as they sometimes tend to get, they're a bunch of real stand up guys. So I blame my failure on them. Yeah, that's it. It's all their fault. If they would just act like jerks so I wouldn't want to play with them then maybe I'd actually achieve a goal I set for myself. I'd like to try and see them be a jerk . . . without laughing about it either.

There are a lot of other New Year Resolutions that I didn't achieve either. I still haven't finished Final Fantasy VII, Mario Sunshine, Summoner or Jedi Outcast like I've been trying to do as a challenge with my brother dain. I guess those should be on my resolution list this year as well. Oh well. I guess my resolution of world peace didn't quite work out either.

With all the house/moving stuff that's been my life the last couple of months I haven't given it any thought about what my 2009 resolutions should be. When I get a chance I'll review where I came up short with my 2008 ones and see what dreams/goals I want to complete this year. Does anyone have any Prozac they could share?


metallicorphan said...

my new year game to go back to is Final Fantasy 10..never did finish it,restarted it yesterday..if i dont get it finished i want to at least get further than i have done(i believe Yunas wedding was where i got up to first time round)

Iron Lady said...

Aww Pengwenn, you're not a failure, I have so many games that I got a third through and thought wow you'd look better on my shelf.

And what does gamer score amount to anyways? a little tingle when the achievement pointer pops up, and nothing more, not even a cheap candy and stuffed bear.

metallicorphan said...


i have just lost my 79 day gaming streak on 360gamingblog

even though i was online(i have been off work for the last ten course i have been online with COD every day and night)..just like your 225day streak

pengwenn said...

orphan I just . . . I don't know what to say 8-(. You're an RPG fan and a Final Fantasy fan and you haven't finished FFX? I'm shocked. I can't remember when in the game her wedding is but I'm sure there's A LOT of game left to play. And Blitzball! I love Blitzball . . . once I learned how to play it. I've been known to put the disk in just so I could play Blitzball. I use to do that instead of eating breakfast in the morning. Tell you what we'll make a pack. You finish FFX and I'll finsih FFVII.

I recently lost some badges that I've earned so I don't know what going on with the site. Once my streak was broken it didn't really matter anymore if I played every day or not. It just sucked that it wasn't my fault it got broken in the first place so I feel for you.

Lady: some girls go for bobbles and stuffed animals . . . I go for that little beep when I get a new achievement. I know gamerscore doesn't mean anything especially when you have games like Avatar where you can get all 1,000 points in 5-10 mintues of game play. You don't even have to finish the game. I guess I just look at it as a validation that I'm not wasting my life sitting around playing video games.

I'm seriously considering selling back Lost Planet because I can't seem to get through the first mission on easy. All the fun of exploring a new game and world has gone out the door with frustrating gameplay. The same thing happend with GRAW and that one I did sell back. I'm trying to be more selective about which games I buy so I hopefully don't have any that might get more use as drink coasters instead of game disks.

Iron Lady said...

Hi Pengwenn, I clocked Lost Planet a while ago and it is worthwhile. If you are still struggling after a couple days let me know and message me - be happy to help even if I have to hire it out to remember which bits are tricky. I remember there were some parts of that game that were a real bugger and it took me a while to get the hang of too.

pengwenn said...

I can tell you exactly where I'm at. I fought inside the building at the beginning of the game and I have just gone outside and been suited up in one of those mechanical suits and then I'm suppose to head out somewhere. That's where I am. What happens is I keep falling off a cliff or I die fighting glowing plant-like things that are on a wall in a cave area. I suck. I'm tempted to cut my losses now while I don't have any achievement points from the game instead of trying it, getting one or two and then quitting.

pengwenn said...

Oh, and I have the strategy guide but that hasn't seemed to help.

metallicorphan said...

i quite liked Lost Planet,a lot of people didnt like it...can't help you with the game though i finished it ages ago..all i remember is the big worm with the orange spots

Okay Penny,i am pretty far in FF10,well past the Zanarkand,about to fight Yunaelsca,and then onto sin

so go get FF7 finished!!...its a great ending,especially seeing Tifa was a lot more 'top heavy' in the end movie than i thought throughout the rest of the game