Monday, January 12, 2009

My friends are full of surpries!

You guys all surprise me. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes, well, I'm surprised you have any rep left on Xbox Live. I'll get into that more in a later post. I want to talk about good surprises here.

I got a message from a friend of mine Nuklear 1 that said he just finished his first draft of a novel. Eh? I didn't know he wrote. Or, if I did I didn't remember. I'm a moderator on a writing website, did I tell him about us? Why is every writing a novel except me? Oh yeah. I've got to stop playing video games so I'll have the time to write a novel.

And then there was G Sneaka. I was playing Chromehounds with some friends when he joins are party and asks to play. Eh? You have this game? I didn't know that. I got really excited but after spending 20 minutes or so we still couldn't get him in our squad. CyberWrat even jumped off line, loaded up an unused profile and got them to join the squad, but we still couldn't get G Sneaka in. But it shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did when I asked one of them to read the directions on the insert of the game case to see if it had any instructions about joining a squad and I got this response: "Oh, come on Pengwenn, I'm a guy." At first I couldn't figure out what the problem was. Why can't guys read instructions? Oh . . . that's it. Guys DON'T read instructions. I laughed. He told me not to blog about it. But hey, just like my motto says "I'm blogging this". Besides I didn't say which one now did I?

I'm constantly getting surprised by the fact that some of my friends know . . . some of my friends. I'm constantly thinking when I see the "[insert name here] is online" pop up shows up whether or not the friends I'm playing with know that person. There's nothing more annoying than inviting in one of your friends that no one else knows and have that person act like a jerk. That's happened to me. And when the friends I'm playing with suggest getting someone in that just came online when I didn't think they knew him I have to wonder, did they meet because of me? These are nice surprised to have.

Some people don't like surprised. Me? I don't feel either way about them. I'm jealous Nuklear 1 has a first draft of a novel written, but I'm excited for him too. And hearing a friend has the same interests as you, whether writing or an odd game to play, is always a good surprise to hear. I wonder what other surprised will come my way.


metallicorphan said...

i have often started to write,re-read what i have written after a few pages and throw it away as its usually the worse thing i have ever written

its not good having a passion for writing,but not being any good at it(both storywise or Grammar wise)

i have been thinking that maybe a screenplay/script would be better for me..but yeah,i have my hobby to think off first(gaming)

as for guys and their instructions Penny...not sure about everyone else,or maybe i am letting a big secret out here,but i read them,but only for something to read when sitting on the toilet :bigthumbsupforpenny:

2 things off topic
1-my 360blog doesnt even recognise that i have been online now,with games as COD5 or burnout paradise..lost all my badges now...looks like its been hit with the Y2K9 Problem that i have just made up..its since the 1st that it has not been working

2-in final fantasy 10-i have just killed Yunalisca,collected all my Al bhed alphabet things(26 of them,obviously)..and about to fight seymore(again)and then onto sin...hopefully i can get it done in the next few days,not looking forward to the battles though it has to be said,after Yunalisca :(

pengwenn said...

Maybe the key orphan is to NOT read what you wrote. I know if I read my crap (blog posts included) I tend to want to hit the delete key. Write it, don't read it, put it away for a while and then come back to it to read.

As for writing a script, I'll do that someday. I signed up for a class at the Community College for script writing (101 class). If you were in the movie production program you had to take the class so it was filled with a bunch of Tarintino wanna be's. In the second class we had to tell what our concept was that we would be working on. My was a bunch of strangers are trapted in an unfinished bomb shelter for what may or may not be Armageddon. My teacher thought that was worse than any Twilight Zone episode he had ever seen. On the other hand a film student's concept of two people sitting around at Starbucks debating about whether or not they should rob a bank in order to have money to make a film (to break into the business) he thought was golden. The teacher said he could see the action of different ways they'd rob the bank. The kid said "Oh no, it's just them sitting and TALKING about robbing a bank". I dropped the class because I was sick and throwing up every chance I got (and also because he treated the non-film students like they were beneath him and didn't know how to watch a movie let alone write on.

pengwenn said...

I know this shouldn't have anything to do with it but are you constantly playing as "offline" or "away"? I've played as "offline" and it's still registered that I've played the game. I've found sometimes with the disk games that I have to play them for awhile before the site registers the use. For arcade games it seems to pick up on those immediately.

I loose badges and then I get them back. I don't know what's going on there.

As for FFX: You're getting close to the end so I'd be interested in knowing what you think of the ending. And, are you going to play FFX-2? Did you have as many problems in the temple with the moving walkways as I did? I can't remember which temple it was. After three failed attempts to do it on my own (and one time I used the book) I had to have dain read me the instructions from the book as I did them. He'd already been through that part so he also had experience. I just wanted to make sure I picked up everything. I might have to get my PS2 out and plug it in again tonight.

metallicorphan said...

Beville is the trials with the moving walkways..and yes,very annoying,i even have the piggyback guide..but i noticed that it says go left,and it should of said go right at one point so it fooked me up even more

and yes i am near the end,but i have absolutely no confidence in myself,i dont think i will be able to defeat the end boss..i have been putting it off for a few days now,tonight i will try and see what i can do

i am currently playing Dreamfall:The Longest Journey and loving once i have finished that game i will go back and play FFX-2

as for my blog,its put up that i have played..but only once,it will however be seeing a lot more of me as LOTR:Conquest comes out on friday here,and i wont be off that game..and i am a bit of both(show online and offline)

pengwenn said...

Yeah, I think I remember there being a mistake in the guide. When I got to the end I think it was easier than what I had expected. Those boss battles you do towards the end (like the three sisters or something) I thought were harder than Sin.

I might have to put FFX-2 back in and we can do a side by side play through. I don't think I got very far in my last attempt. I remember spending a lot of time doing something (I don't want to spoil anything for you) that dain said effects how many enemies or how powerful they are later on in the game. Since I didn't want to battle anything too tough I think I just stopped playing the game.