Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Poll - What do you think of new ranking system in GoW2?

My latest poll:

What do you think of the new ranking system in Gears of War 2?

Love it!
It's okay
Hate it!
I don't play that game any more

You have until next Wednesday to vote and feel free to leave a comment about the reasons why you voted the way you did. We're all dying to know. But you'll have to wait until the poll closes before you find out what I think. Sorry, that's just the way it is.


Anonymous said...

Of course I have to say something.I dont know if it was because no one could run at me and do the "running two peice" the first full day of the update or the fact that Evil's wife was not online (I hope it was the first) but I found myself having a "host" night when I was not the host. Also out of all the people I know , there is not one person who thought that the ranking system was good. To reward someone for leaving a match they where on the short end of the host connection or just plane getting beat is just not right. Now you take an over 1,000 point hit on your stats. I was getting to the point where even my loyalty to the game was in question. Please forgive me Gears of War gods for that statement but you will be happy to know I am a follower again! I think with the Call of Duty system of points the ranking system puts new blood to a great game.


Zak said...

I have to agree with Max, the new ranking system is better than whatever they had before. The bad thing is, when I get to play again, everybody will be around 15 and I'll still be at 5.