Monday, March 2, 2009

Surround sound with Dead Space?

So, I've owned a copy of Dead Space for a while now but never got around to putting it in the machine and firing it up. I finally did that this weekend. I never knew it came with surround sound. Or did it?

I didn't get very far in the game before I turned it off but not because I was jumping at every little noise and shadow I saw. I just wanted to play something else a little less . . . intense.

The game really started to freak me out when after your main character goes down the elevator and steps out into the first room. There's a message on the wall that says something about taking their limbs off. Okay, I get the hint. Except I kept hearing a noise that always seemed to be behind my character. After spending about 10 minutes doing pirouettes trying to make sure something isn't going to sneak up on me I finally figured out what the noise was.

It was my dog snoring.

My dog Zoe was sitting on the chair behind me and she's never really snored before so I didn't associate the sound with her. It wasn't a log splitting, rumble down the mountain kind of snore either. Just something soft and maybe a little pleasant sounding except for the fact that I thought it was coming from the game and I couldn't get rid of it. The game was generating moans and creeks so why not something like a snore . . . especially if it didn't really sound like a snore. More like heavy, deep breathing. It fit well within the game and helped in the "let's creep Pengwenn out as much as we can" department.

So yeah, I'm stupid. My dog was snoring and it was creeping me out. See, that's the kind of stupid I'm talking about people. Now, if you were playing a scary game with someone breathing deeply right behind you I think you'd be creeped out to. Or maybe you'd think you suddenly got a surround sound system. Yeah, I know, stupid. So I don't want it hear about it.


Kralon said...

Don't think of yourself as stupid for being a little jumpy during "intense" games. That was my draw with the Resident Evil games. Pets are a great way to intensify those kind of games. Nothing like having a kitty jump out of a closet and attack your leg after a bout of moaning flesh eating zombies. Sometimes it sucks to be human with an engorged vigilance factor.

Pengwenn said...

Everyone told me to play it late at night with all the lights off. But for the first time it was durring the day in bright sun light and I still was jumpy. I stomped on every body I found just to make sure every body didn't have limbs, dead or otherwise.

Kralon said...

I have Dead Space too, I even downloaded all of the DLC, but I just haven't had the desire to jump out of my skin yet. I guess I should do it pretty soon, because Resident Evil 5 finally comes out this month, Woo hoo!

metallicorphan said...

Dead Space was a great game

i got it one weekend and didnt come off it until the monday

and yeah Carrie(my cat)often scared the living crap outta me by jumping up on the arm of the chair while i played this

Pengwenn said...

Well, I think cats are malicious and they do things like that on purpose. I'm severely allergic to cats, so I'm more of a dog person myself.

Kralon said...

I have heard studies that say that if you are introduced to animals at an early age, then you are less likely to be allergic to them. My family had cats and dogs when I was little and I am not allergic to either. My oldest brother didn't have a cat until later and is now allergic to them.