Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Poll - How's your summer been so far?

Here's the latest poll:

How's your summer been so far?

Hotter than normal
Cooler than normal
Drier than normal
Wetter than normal
Same as always

Remember you can always leave a comment to tell me why you voted the way you did. You don't have to be a registered member of Blogger to do so.


metallicorphan said...

here in England(Manchester)

same as always

pisses bricks somedays..and then hottest ever some other days

we go through a two week period in the summer,when it can be absolutely sweltering..and then its back to on/off

i like the rain anyhow,as i am a gloomy sod....when it gets too hot i have trouble sleeping,which i certainly don't need as i have trouble as it is

Natra said...

July was the coldest ever recorded in West Michigan. Very nice, Mid 70's most of the time. Got alot of work done outside. I sweated when I worked not the heat doing it to me.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Star Trek and not just because of the new movie. I have had been a Trekkie ever since I can remember. Waiting for episodes on TV and then happy when the first movie came out. Over all I think that Star Trek movies are better because they have led to more advancements in science and also to us culturally. The movies were better because there were more of them and also because we didn't have to wait so long in between for the next one to come out. I could also identify that they were talking about mankind and Earthlings and our place in the universe in the future. Star Wars to me is more of a fantasy escape, which is cool too.

metallicorphan said...

off topic:

you don't still play Chromehounds do you Penny?


Pengwenn said...

I haven't played in awhile, but there are still some achievements I would like to get in multiplayer (even if they'd be impossible to get). The only way to get those achievements realistically is to boost for them, but I'd like a shot at them legally. A girl gamer can dream can't she?

(I can't open the website at work (stupid company blocking "gaming" sites) but I will read the details when I get home.

Pogue Moran said...

95 today with humidity they made us shut off all the nonessential equipment and lights in the building at work today. Apparently the state contacted our buildings owner (which owns several others around my city) and said the power grid is stretched and we might be getting some brownouts and so to conserve power