Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm changing my gamertag

No, I'm not changing it to "Hot Fantasy Girl", that one's already taken. And I'm not changing it to any derivative of that name either. We encountered HFG again last night. The guys reception of her wasn't as warm and fuzzy as before (I think it didn't help much when she kept killing them with the Hammer of Dawn).

I'm going to change my name to "Buzz Kill". Or maybe "Kill Joy". Or "I ask a question and suck the life out of the party and distract my teammates so we lose the match". Do you think it's too long?

In my defense we weren't actually in a match at the time I asked the question. It just carried over into the match. And I thought it was a simple question to answer. Yes, I know there's a lot of baggage that comes with asking an ex-soldier what the Medal of Honor is usually given out for, but a simple "it's the grand-daddy of all war medals for going above and beyond the call of duty" would have sufficed. I don't think that belittles the recipients of what they achieved when they've earned a Medal of Honor if you sum it up that way. After all, I'm not military so my feelings are much more pedestrian than what an ex-soldier would feel when the talking about the Medal of Honor.

I'm sorry I brought it up. Not because we played horribly and lost the match. But because I'm sorry that it seemed to suck the life out of the party and turned a couple of outspoken-extroverted-guys-who-thrive-blowing-the-heads-off-of-locust into a couple of thought-provoking-introverted-let's-sit-and-ponder-about-it-road-kill in the middle of what should have been a fun match. It won't happen again.

And to mark the occasion and remind myself to keep my mouth shut I'm changing my gamer tag. I'm kind of partial to "Kill Joy" but what do you think?


Anonymous said...

You can change it to what ever you want, you will always be "pain in the ass" to me! LOL. Just kidding! Leave it the way it is. Even if you change it, you know we will still call you Pengwenn. Just ask Dennis, I mean Mad Max. Or ask Kasenga, uh...G Sneaka, or better yet... Snub Johnny Blade...uh Genghis Kahn. The defense rests.

Signed...Sick Puppy... uh, Evil Ric

Pengwenn said...

You forgot Game Squire . . . I mean HELL Weasel. And Doubleblind . . .um Doubleblind 1 . . . er Doubleblind 01 (or whatever he's up to now). And that's not counting all the tags Wangfrankenstein has/had. I have several more but I couldn't tell you how they were/are without looking at my friend's list and that's blocked here at work.

And besides you'll always be "Evil" to me. ;)

Kralon said...

Don't change your name over a little thing like that. Pengwenn suits you too well.

Pengwenn said...

I'm not actually thinking about changing my name. Pengwenn has grown on me so much that sometimes it's weird when people call me by my real name . . . Larry. Oops now you know. ;)

Although if I did change my name "Kill Joy" sounds pretty cool don't ya think?

Kralon said...
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Kralon said...

Kill Joy does sound cool. Makes me wish that I had thought of it. It seems to me to be the only thing I am good at.

metallicorphan said...

Wangfrankenstein...jesus,theres a name i haven't heard for a long time,not since the glory days of Star Wars Battlefront

and yeah,sorry Penny,no matter what you change your name to,you'll always be Pengwenn

i often wonder if i met some of the people on my friends list,would i call them by their real names or by their gamertags?,LOL

Chad said...

I say change it to picklesmcfadden. That's totally original and no one will have much to say making fun of the pengwenn.


Pengwenn said...

Pogue did you take one of those online quizes that "we'll tell you the name of your one true love"? Besides I wouldn't want to be called "pickles" . . . I'm not briney enough. :)

Pogue Moran said...

Not briney enough eh? How about SpicyPants? That sounds original and you'll turn more heads than that hot chick.