Monday, August 24, 2009

Poll Results - How's your summer been so far?

So here are the poll results:

How's your summer been so far?

Hotter than normal = 2 votes
Cooler than normal = 4 votes
Wetter than normal = 0 votes
Drier than normal = 2 votes
Same as always = 2 votes

I think that's a pretty even split, don't you? At least as even as I think it could be.

I voted for "drier than normal" but I could have voted for "cooler than normal" as well. When the average rainfall for where I live is 3 inches a year AND those 3 inches usually come in the summer monsoon season things should be pretty wet. But when the weatherman says that we're 2.5 inches below our average AND there are no storms on the horizon things get pretty dry here in the summer.

Outside of a 2-3 week period in July it really hasn't been hot like it normally is either. It's either that or I'm getting more acclimatized to the weather than I once was. But I remember when 115 degrees was pretty standard for the summer and that was pretty much every day. I even remember a 122 degree day that was just dreadful. They had to shut down the airport until things cooled off.

Hot days like that are pretty typical . . . except for this year. I don't think we had too many days where the temperature got above 110. At least not as many as we usually get. Which on one hand is nice because it's not so hot. But on the other hand it takes longer for the swimming pool temperature to get up to a bearable level. I went swimming the other day and I thought I was going to freeze. The pool temperature was 86 degrees.

Since I prefer to a little cold instead of a little hot I guess I can't complain too much. Maybe the winter will be hotter than normal to make up for the cooler summer. Maybe then I can swim in the pool longer. Or at least invest in a wet suit.


metallicorphan said...

3 inches a year???

man,we can have that in a day(well close),i do know a few months ago we had a months worth of rain in 1 day (1 months rain in 24 hrs so the headlines said),absolutely bollocked it down

funny as well,because i have cable,my mum has satellite and she lost her picture for most of the day,and i was fine :)

but as i voted.....that's same as always

Pengwenn said...

Believe it or not I get tired of looking at nothing but blue skies day in and day out. Just the tiniest little white cloud can make me giddy. Oh the promise of rain! Alas, never delivered. :(

metallicorphan said...

well,here you go Penny,hope you like :)

keep on hoping for that black cloud

metallicorphan said...

hey Penny i just found this

Peggle Nights(DLC for Peggle)is coming to XBLA


Natra said...

I had to laugh at your pool temperature. If only we could get that temp here.

Usually the pool temps can't get in the low 80's with a pool heater in Michigan.

THe big Lake (michigan) will briefly get in the upper 70's when it gets hot and the wind blows from the SW, but if it blows from another direction, like it did a couple of days ago, it's a balmy 48.

I've been in water as low as 55, but that was when me raisons hadn't it's time to mature.