Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poll Results - Rock Band or Guitar Hero?

Here are the poll results:

What musical game should I get?

Rock Band = 3 votes
Guitar Hero = 3 votes

Okay, I kind of cheated here. I don't really have a preference, hence the poll, so I waited until the very end and voted for Rock Band just to tie it up. Maybe I'll get both games. Here's the pros and cons for both games, as I see it.

Let's start with Guitar Hero. Every time I think about this game or look at the song selections I see heavy metal. Metalica and the likes. I've never really been a heavy metal fan. Occasionally I'll like the cross-over hit but that's about it. There are A LOT of songs for this game that I haven't even heard of. And if that's the chase how am I'm going to "play" them?

On the pro side there are A LOT of songs to choose from. And I believe Linkin Park has some songs for the offering. And I LOVE Linkin Park. I don't think I could play every song I was familiar with (or have the Microsoft Points to buy them all). This franchise will be around for a long time so there could be many years of entertainment if I decided to go with Guitar Hero.

Now let's look at Rock Band. I love the fact that there are multiple instruments to play with. If I got bored of the guitar I could play the bass . . . or the drums . . . or sing. That really appeals to me especially when I get frustrated with something it would be nice to have something else to play for awhile (like playing a couple of rounds of Headquarters instead of Team Deathmatch all the time *hint hint*). I have/had the game Lips so I've already got a singing game but I like the song selections better for Rock Band, vocally, than what's available for Lips.

The downside is the song catalogue is not as vast as Guitar Hero and I don't think they have any Linkin Park songs. Bummer. I'm sure that song list will grow but whereas Guitar Hero seems more "metal" in it's choices Rock Band seems more "happening" (meaning songs popular right now) and I don't listen to the radio too much. And when I do it's usually talk radio on my way home from work. Yeah, I know I'm getting old.

If either one of these games made a Styx, Genesis, Rick Springfield, Howard Jones, or Monkees stand alone game (like they did for Aerosmith and The Beatles) I think that just might seal the deal which one I go for. Having said that, I guess I just revealed where my musical tastes are . . . back in the 80's. You got a problem with that buster?


Zak said...

seems like Band Hero is more your type. its mostly main stream hits. Playstation 2 had a guitar hero with 80's hits, to bad they dont have it for the xbox360. I like Guitar Hero because it has spanish rock songs, I wish it would have more.

Pengwenn said...

Para bailar la bamba!