Sunday, February 7, 2010

Poll Results - What game are you most excited for?

So here are the belated poll results:

What game are you most excited for?

Mass Effect 2 = 4 votes
BioShock 2 = 3 votes

With the exception of Final Fantasy XIII these two games are probably the most anticipated sequels to come to an Xbox console this year. Unless, of course, Star Wars Battlefront 3 miraculously shows up this year. But since Final Fantasy has a more limited appeal to people I kept the choices to two out of the three "biggies".

My vote this time was easy. I voted for BioShock. Why? Because I've finished that game. I hadn't gotten very far in Mass Effect before it was stolen so I wasn't in it enough to get all gaga over the game. Dain's letting me borrow his disk so that I can get caught up so I can eventually play the sequel. So far I like what I see but I haven't finished it yet.

BioShock on the other hand is one game I have played to completion and loved every minute of it. I remember the first time I played it with a torrential rainstorm happening outside and all the lights off inside. It scared the bejeezies out of me. I played for maybe an hour before I had to play something happy and bright so I don't keep jumping out of my skin. That was also at the time when I had a really loud neighbor in my apartment complex. Sometimes their noise would get so loud I couldn't hear my own TV. I invested in a pair of stereo earmuff type of headset. It was wonderful because it almost completely drowned out all the neighborly noise and the sound from the game came in in stereo. That meant I'd hear a Big Daddy coming from the right and when I'd turn my character around that way sure enough he would be there. Of course a bunch of times I would actually turn my own head and not my character. I think that was the best way to play BioShock.

I still haven't unpacked that headset yet but I'm hoping to find them before I play the sequel. I don't need them to block out noise but it made playing the game so much easier, enjoyable and scarier than hell. But I wouldn't change a thing.

I'm sure I'll enjoy finishing Mass Effect, and playing the sequel, but for me I'm more excited to see if the developer of BioShock can carry over that same scary, but wonderful, feeling that players had playing the first game. And the multiplayer option should be interesting to see how that plays out. Let's just hope they haven't screwed up the game just to get a "multiplayer experience" that some people thought the first one was lacking. Personally, I thought the first one was great just the way it was. Either way, I know what game my friends have been playing for the last couple of weeks . . . and I know the next game they'll be playing the next couple of weeks. I think if people could have voted more than once this poll would have been tied. And as a gamer, I'm not complaining.


metallicorphan said...

er...can i change my vote now?,as i have finished Mass Effect 2 and in about 24 hrs i get Bioshock 2


Pengwenn said...

If it was a running poll after BioShock would be Dante's Inferno (it comes out the same day but I probably won't get it for some time).

metallicorphan said...

i played the demo on XBL,it was alright...the Grim fight at the beginning was quite hard...but kudo's to the naked women